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A woman, who seems like a twisted Disney princess, becomes one area’s local vigilante.

Review (with Spoilers)

I have never really been a Katie Holmes fan. I have seen two of her films, First Daughter, when I was a kid, and Batman Begins, but never watched Dawson’s Creek, nor really have looked into her filmography. But with me really getting into video on demand releases, I decided to see what this film was about. Especially since Holmes’ character in the film seemed a bit twisted. Now, whether you should check out this film too? Well, look below.

Characters & Story

Mary Meadows (Katie Holmes) is a peculiar woman. She walks around in tap shoes, is ever so polite, and seems like a real life Disney princess. Thing is, this Disney princess isn’t the type waiting for prince charming to save her and her kingdom. No, instead she uses a gun to protect herself and her kingdom. Though, with her being young and beautiful, it leads to both her students and men taking an interest in her. One man in particular, who is only known as Sheriff (James Badge Dale), seems to be one of the few who breaks through her façade though, as well as a little girl named Heather (Ava Kolker [1]). But with knowing Miss Meadows’ secret comes a price. One which could possibly scare you away.


When it comes to any movie or show I’m watching at home, usually, I’m pausing throughout because I find better things to do. With Miss Meadows, however, I found myself sort of stuck on this image of a substitute school teacher who is a vigilante. For while the film isn’t that violent, by my standards anyway, it is a bit weird to see Holmes be a killer. If just because she seems to fit the persona of the Disney princess as much as a judge, jury, and executioner styled killer. Making me think, despite the limited knowledge I have of Holmes, that maybe she can do more than simply play bland characters who have a girl next door appeal, with the ever so slight rebellious side.

Speaking specifically on the story, though, I won’t say there are any really cool or “Holy —-!” moments, but as you get to understand Miss Meadows psyche, see how she handles criminals, and get to watch her relationship with the Sheriff play out, you get a decent story. One which, to my surprise, does have some funny moments.


For me, the only thing that really bugged me was hearing Miss Meadows say “Toodle-loo” constantly Which I can’t explain why, but it was like hearing nails dragged across a chalkboard. Outside of that, honestly there isn’t any glaring issue with the film. It doesn’t really have any wowing performances, but at the same time, you can tell they weren’t aiming for accolades here.

Overall: TV Viewing

Miss Meadows is a nice way to kill an hour and a half, but it isn’t the type of film which is going to make Katie Holmes’ career revival process any quicker. For while it is decent, it doesn’t have the type of story, nor performances, which will make you completely see her, or any of the cast, as someone you should become a fan of. Hence the TV Viewing label for this isn’t the type of film that you should rush to see for it is the epitome of the TV Viewing description. Meaning: it is just a film which if freely available, and you got nothing better to do, I’d say it is good enough to kill time with.

Things to Note

  1. From Girl Meets World.

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  1. ”with her being young and beautiful” – her age has nothing to do with it, people take interest not only in young women. And yes, Katie Holmes CAN and did portray complex characters, you should not judge actors based on your limited knowledge of their filmography. Do your own research first. She nailed this role, and that’s it.

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