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Hot Pursuit – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Being that Reese Witherspoon isn’t the greatest comedic actress and Sofia Vergara’s comedy comes from people making fun of her accent, and making fun of herself, there comes a point where you are left wondering what tricked you into seeing this film?

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) practically grew up in the back of her father’s police car. During that time she learned all the codes, procedures, and pretty much fell in love with the profession. As for Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara), all we know is she grew up with less than she has now, and now her husband Felipe (Vincent Laresca) is snitching on Drug Cartel lord Vicente Cortez (Joaquin Cosio) and now she is expected to stand trial. Thus leading to how Cooper and Riva meet, and end up on one crazy road trip going toward Dallas. That is if Daniella doesn’t end up killed along the way.


Though the praise is a bit of an insult, I will say that the blooper reel during the credits is worth sticking around for. If only because it will provide the most consistent laughs from this movie. Outside of that, perhaps the only thing worthy of praise is this movie is less than 90 minutes so it isn’t like you may suffer for a long time.


To be honest, after movies like Bridesmaids, and the many films of Melissa McCarthy, Tammy excluded, I was thinking this could be like The Heat perhaps. However, with films like this it really reminds you that not every actress can be funny and, in the case of Sofia Vergara, perhaps her shtick as the woman with a beautiful body and thick accent could become rundown. For while the films we have seen of Seth Rogen and James Franco may use cheap humor, and lord knows Seth MacFarlane doesn’t strongly pursue the most highbrow jokes, at least they are comedians, and cast comedians, meaning that their comedy will appeal to someone.

With Hot Pursuit, though, whether you prefer your comedy to be dirty, clean, childish, or what have you, I really can’t fathom you laughing much during this. Then, when it comes to the story, while the idea of Cooper trying to recover from an idiot first time out on patrol is interesting, especially since she wants to restore the honor to her family name, there comes a point where you have to wonder why they tried to make this into a comedy?

For, just trying to think positively, between Cooper trying to return the glory to her family name, to Daniella’s life, and her mourning of her brother, there were times I truly wished this was a dramedy. Because then, maybe Witherspoon could have utilized her dramatic abilities, which arguably are far, light years, superior to her comedic ones, and Vergara could just as much show she could be more than someone who seems to lampoon her culture for profit and argue it as representation.

Overall: Skip It

Admittedly, people in the audience I was with laughed more than me, but I think it was more so because of the loud movie goer’s comments throughout the film than the actors on screen. So, with only 7 times laughing, and the bloopers being funnier than the entire film, I’m saying to skip this. For, to me, this film is riding off the expectation of past films which had strong comedic female pairings, or groups, and exploits that in hopes that you are foolish enough to think this film maybe good. Truth is, though, Vergara and Witherspoon make a terrible comedic pair; the jokes are probably the weakest I have ever seen in a theatrical release; and, at this point, I wonder if Vergara is someone people ultimately are laughing with, or at? Especially since, from back when she was in Madea Goes To Jail, she has utilized the same shtick and I wonder if she has the capabilities to do, or be, or make us laugh at, anything else beside her accent and the stereotypes of her culture?

Things To Note

I realize Vergara, on Modern Family, is a bit funnier on that show than this movie, and gives some good social commentary every now and then, but goodness I wish she would diversify a bit. Unless she just likes this type casting she seems to accept and wants to ride as long as the cash is flowing.


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