Gold – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As a girl’s troubled father tries to reenter her life, he experiences the trials and errors of parenthood one stumble at a time.

Review (with Spoilers)

Characters & Story

Abbie’s (Maisie Williams) step-dad Frank (James Nesbitt) is a former P.E. teacher who drills her hard to become a better, and faster runner. In a small part for her sakes, but mostly because he dreams of becoming a fitness guru. Enter Ray (David Wilmot), Abbie’s biological father, and a lot of Frank’s planning is thrown off. For not only is Ray a sort of distraction for Abbie but also Alice (Kerry Condon), Ray’s ex, taking pity on him makes Frank feel uncomfortable. However, with Ray seemingly wanting to try to make things work, we watch as he slowly tries to integrate with this family.


Perhaps the sole bit of praise, and even then it is a bit of a stretch, is Ray is a likable character. One which has a past which is slightly intriguing.


The issue with Gold is that it doesn’t go beyond being adequate. There isn’t any strong comedic performance, dramatic performance, or any character which you find yourself attaching to. For while Ray is likable, he doesn’t really grab hold of you since he isn’t written to be the star. Unfortunately, Williams is and, as said in Heatstroke, she is still developing her talent. Leading you to believe the more seasoned actors would pick up the slack but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. For as comical as Frank could have been, the script doesn’t make it so his past with Ray, nor how Frank got with Alice, is explored for comedic effect. Add in Alice being dull as gravel and Ray’s past not really explored enough to make him seem interesting, and you got yourself a film which has a beginning, middle, and end, but not much to really remember nor hold onto.

Overall: Skip It

Williams strikes out again and this movie increases my fears of her possibly being cast as Ellie in The Last of Us’ movie adaptation. For while it is too early to say she may have peaked with Game of Thrones, I must admit I’m wondering if perhaps she should stick to supporting roles in the future. If only because it seems she hasn’t the charisma and presence, to really be a lead at this point in her career. For while she does well on Game of Thrones during her 10-20 minutes of focus, her movie career, thus far, makes it seem like long periods of focus just aren’t her bag. Though I won’t say she should do as Jack Gleeson says he will and stick to Game of Thrones and then promptly retire.

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