The Honeymoon Stand Up Special: Part 3 (The Couple Roast) – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The shared set between Natasha and Moshe shows you how both cute, comical, and vicious these two can be.

Director(s) Jay Karas
Screenplay By Moshe Kasher, Natasha Leggero
Date Released 4/17/2018
Genre(s) Comedy Special
Noted Actors
Himself Moshe Kasher
Herself Natasha Leggero


Together at last, you begin to see how Moshe and Natasha actually operate as a couple. Something you may not have fully understood based on their comic sets, but then you get reminded that their on-stage personas, the comedians, are just an amplification of who they are. Yes, Natasha may seem very selfish, but let’s not forget that as much crap as she talked about her family, she hasn’t cut them off and disowned them has she? I mean, for this man, to make a family with him, she went for nineteen classes to convert which were four hours each!

But, to prove that love doesn’t mean getting a pass, she makes sure to present a holocaust joke. One in which she comments that, for a religion which is still recovering from a huge drop in membership, they make it too hard to claim Judaism. Though, sadly, them going back and forth isn’t how the three-part special ends. It ends with them roasting, and semi-giving advice, to couples – to mixed results.

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Moshe reacting to something someone on stage said.


Natasha and Moshe’s Dynamic With Each Other & Their On Stage Guests

In my mind, Moshe and Natasha’s comedy styles are completely different. As noted, and seen with Natasha’s holocaust joke, it is all about getting that short burst from the audience. With Moshe, he is more traditional, or follows the way a lot of legends do, where he either builds to a joke, or starts one, and uses it for all it is worth.

Take when the couple Mary and Tim came up. Tim talked about how Mary wasn’t that much for feelings, so he latched onto that and built up this idea she was a sociopath. Meanwhile, with Natasha, she goes for the quick jab. Like when it came to Sebastian and Cat, she did a brutal comment on Cat’s smell or else her appearance, and then took a step back.

But, despite their different ways of doing comedy, strange this part of the special molds well. In fact, together they will have you laughing far more than you probably did in their individual sets. Though, when it comes to some of the people they speak with, honestly, you may feel a little bit bad about what you are laughing about.

Overall: Positive (Watch This)

End title card for The Honeymoon Stand Up Special.

With seeing Moshe’s special, there was this vibe that Natasha simply presented an extreme to make him look more moderate and amiable. However, with seeing the complete three-part special, it feels like you get the best of both worlds. You get your usual, Trump is dumb, shock value comic paired with your usual slightly vulgar, storytelling kind of comic. Then, like two things that shouldn’t go together but are so good when combined, they come together in the third part and mix their comedy styles in such a way that you can fully understand why they are sharing a tour. It isn’t simply so they can see each other while working, but because their chemistry, both on and off the stage, is infectious.

Hence the positive label for either as a whole or in parts, what you get is a quality special which take advantage of what both Natasha and Moshe are good at. Natasha, with her style, opens and with her style of comedy, she shocks you by what she says and presents a hook. Moshe, following close behind, calms things down and presents you with someone who isn’t so much trying to shock you and bring uncomfortable laughs, but make you laugh at his pain.

Then, to finish it off, they sort of mix their styles of being crude, a little vulgar, and slightly immature, and use their chemistry on audience members. Which makes them seem like the kind of duo who, perhaps on a premium network which would allow them to be themselves, could make an interesting show together.

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The Honeymoon Stand Up Special | Netflix Official Site

The Honeymoon Stand Up Special | Netflix Official Site


Impending parenthood does funny things to Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher, who dissect family, relationships and more in a trio of stand-up specials.

The Honeymoon Stand Up Special | Netflix Official Site

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