Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

As long as you like the idea of strictly hearing sex jokes for an hour, you’ll enjoy Nikki Glaser: Bangin’.

Community Rating: 75% (4 votes)

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Title Card - Nikki Glaser Bangin’ (2019)

As long as you like the idea of strictly hearing sex jokes for an hour, you’ll enjoy Nikki Glaser: Bangin’.

Director(s) Nicholas Goossen
Screenplay By Nikki Glaser
Date Released 10/1/2019
Genre(s) Stand Up Comedy
Who Is This For? Those Who Don’t Have An Aversion To Female Comedians

People Who Like Sex Jokes

Where To Buy, Rent, or Stream? Netflix
Noted Cast
Herself Nikki Glaser

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Plot Summary/ Review

Community Rating: 75% (4 votes)

From learning about blowjobs, allegedly on 9/11 (it’s a joke) to becoming really into masturbation at 28, in the over 35 years Nikki Glaser has been on this Earth, her sexual journey has sometimes been long, hard, but often flaccid. Which shares as she talks about growing up ugly but eventually finding herself attractive enough to have drunken sex. The kind that makes it so she isn’t insecure about her “Hastily packed suitcase” looking vagina. Her words, not mine.

But, as time goes on, she realizes things she was without in her younger years, like foreplay, she wants that now. Toys, that too – like the one that sucks on a woman’s clit. And that she will no longer use sex since a handjob or blowjob is too much work. Unless you pressure her to talk about her feelings or tell the truth.


She Presents An Overarching Journey Of Sexual Discovery

While the special is littered with familiar sex jokes, what you have to appreciate is Glaser builds them into a narrative. One which takes us back to when she was a teenager, if we use the 9/11 date, learning what a blowjob is, to her learning about masturbation, sex toys, and appreciating foreplay. Now, despite Glaser not being much of a storyteller, with her special feeling like it has arcs or chapters, it makes it easier to consume. Maybe even chuckle at if you relate.

On The Fence

If You Have Watched Multiple Specials By The More Vulgar Female Comics, There Isn’t Much Hear You Haven’t Heard

Nikkie noting how she uses giving head to avoid conversation.
Nikki Glaser: I’m better at sucking dick than I am at sharing my true feelings.

As Glaser notes, her comedy, like many female comedians, seems to be born out of the idea of not feeling pretty enough or getting positive reinforcement. Thus, on stage, they present this hypersexualized persona, which includes drunken sex, morning-after pills, and you getting this sense that they are looking to monetize bad boyfriends, dates, and bad behavior. This is an issue for Glaser since, it dilutes her comedy, and any shock value she could attempt to have since you’ve heard most of what she said before. Hell, even some of the gestures to accentuate the jokes seem recycled, and it takes away from the punch line.

Thus making it so Glaser doesn’t seem like she has a unique take or style but is just has vaguely different branding.

Overall: Mixed (Stick Around)

Community Rating: 75% (4 votes)

Glaser talking about people who do blow jobs or hand jobs over laying there.
Nikki Glaser: I’m like, “Are you exhausted? Why would you do all the hard stuff?”

There is this argument that men have built careers based on sex jokes, so why can’t women? Well, the problem is between Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime, HBO, and etc., there are too many women saying nearly the exact same thing. And with presenting almost identical stories, while it is nice to feel a sense of representation, knowing you aren’t alone in your insecurities, that sense of things being universal also ruins a set when you get the same jokes one month after the next.

Hence why Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ gets a mixed label. Glaser, be it on roast or during interviews, is far funnier than what we get in Bangin’. For I think when it comes to women, sex jokes for them are like sex jokes for men – low hanging fruit which might be good to open with, maybe close with, but it can’t be the entire hour.

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If You Have Watched Multiple Specials By The More Vulgar Female Comics, There Isn’t Much Hear You Haven’t Heard - 70%
She Presents An Overarching Journey Of Sexual Discovery - 80%


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