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In one of the few comedy tapings you may ever see with a co-writer, Leslie Jones will get a few laughs out of, but doesn’t craft what we formerly called a special.

Directed By David Benioff, D.B. Weiss
Written By Leslie Jones, Lenny Marcus
Aired (Netflix) 1/14/2020
Genre(s) Stand Up Comedy
Noted Cast
Herself Leslie Jones

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

“Leslie Jones: Time Machine” Plot Summary

Leslie Jones is turning 52, and for most of the special, it is a walk down memory lane. Be it her ho phase in her 20s, coming across Prince, how sex has changed or past relationships, she touches upon it all. But, while a lot of nostalgia takes is embedded in the special, we are reminded to enjoy our youth and keep that same energy as you go into your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. For while the body may not be the same, it doesn’t mean you should or must hang it up.



It Has Its Moments – 80

From cracking on an audience member to stories about her being a ho back in the day, Jones will make you smile and possibly force you to chuckle. For if there is one thing you have to appreciate is Jones is the kind of storyteller who, at her best, knows how to get in, get out, maybe deliver a message, but keep it moving.

Low Points

She Really Knows How To Beat A Joke To Death – 65

However, there are other times when Jones gets a laugh, and you are left feeling that she doubles down and beats that dead horse into blood no longer splatters. For there comes a point where she spends an abundant amount of time on a single joke, like when she gets the opportunity to meet Prince, and it drastically slows down the brisk nature of the taping. Thus making it where you start to feel like this is truly an hour-long watch in the worst way for her time management becomes shoddy and she takes too long to move on.


Would Watch Again? – One and Done

“Leslie Jones: Time Machine” Rating: Mixed (Stick Around)

What “Leslie Jones: Time Machine” is, is amusing. It’s not a special, it’s not a flop, it is just another taping that, in a different time, might not exist. Yet, with the bar lowered and quantity being the name of the game, Jones got a taping on a major platform. Which isn’t to disregard the decades she has been in the business or her craft, for comedy is subjective.

However, nothing from this taping in terms of her jokes, her commentary, anything of that nature, drives conversation, repeated viewings, or moments that you can imagine could live on in memes or become sayings. It is a one and done situation that is good for what it is, but may not excite you about what’s next in Jones’ career on camera or in stand up. Hence the mixed label.


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It Has Its Moments - 80%
She Really Knows How To Beat A Joke To Death - 65%


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