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Quotes & .Gifs From STARZ’s Run The World

by Amari

In this post, you’ll find quotes & .gifs from the STARZ show “Run The World.”

Season 1

Episode 1

Be as committed to grateful as you are self-pity.
— Barb

Episode 2

Renee asking Jason is he kidding?

Renee asking Jason is he kidding?

Episode 4

Renee noting she is proud of herself

Renee noting she is proud of herself

Episode 5

GRITS: Girls raised in the south.
— Ella

“Sis” is the most passive-aggressive, non-sisterly shit ever.
— Sondi

I go as far as you let me.
— Gwynn

Episode 6

The better question is: Who’s giving it life? Who’s making any of it matter?
— Nancy

It’s not an excuse. It’s what happened.
— Ella

You know, there’s a difference between being your best and being the best.
— Nancy

Life is ultimately about self.
— Nancy

Episode 7

Fear is good. Fear is fuel.
— Ella

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
— Renee (Quoting Maya Angelou)

Episode 8

Am I your best friend or am I your safety net?
— Ola

Do not let a scarcity of vision interfere with your walk.
— Hope

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