Quotes From Nicola Yoon’s Book: The Sun Is Also A Star

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Quotes from the Nicola Yoon book The Sun Is Also A Star including page numbers.

All page numbers come from the hardcover edition of The Sun Is Also a Star. If interested in a summary of the book, you can begin our chapter by chapter recap/ review here:

The Sun Is Also A Star: Pages 1 to 50 – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

I don’t believe in fate, but I’m desperate.
— Natasha (Page 5 – Hardcover)

Names are powerful things. They act as an identity marker and a kind of map, locating you in time and geography. More than that, they can be a compass.
—Family (Page 16 – Hardcover)

Words, […] should behave more like units of measure, A meter is a meter is a meter. Words shouldn’t be allowed to change meanings. Who decides that the meaning has changed, and when? Is there an in-between time when the word means both things? Or a time when the word doesn’t mean anything at all?
—Irie (Page 25-26 – Hardcover)

That’s the thing that makes me wary. Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
— Natasha (Page 58 – Hardcover)

He was some exotic planet, and I was his favorite satellite. But he’s no planet, just the final fading light of an already dead star. And I’m not a satellite. I’m space junk, hurtling as far as I can away from him.
— Natasha (Page 65 – Hardcover)

As our eyes meet, I get a kind of déjà vu, but instead of feeling like I’m repeating something in the past, it feels like I’m experiencing something that will happen in my future. […] It’s like knowing all the words to a song but still finding them beautiful and surprising.
— Daniel (Page 66 – Hardcover)

There’s a Japanese phrase that I like: koi no yokan. It doesn’t mean love at first sight. It’s closer to love at second sight. It’s the feeling when you meet someone that you’re going to fall in love with them. Maybe you don’t love them right away, but it’s inevitable that you will.
— Daniel (Page 74 – Hardcover)

The poetic heart is not to be trusted. It is fickle and will lead you astray. It will tell you that all you need is love and dreams. It will say nothing about food and water and shelter and money. It will tell you that this person, the one in front of you, the one who caught your eye for whatever reason, is the One. And he is. And she is. The One—for right now, until his heart or her heart decides on someone else or something else.

The poetic heart is not to be trusted with long-term decision making.
— Natasha | Page 102

Love is not love if it’s not requited.
— Daniel (Page 107)

For a minute, I let myself feel how tired I am. It’s hard trying to hold on to a place that doesn’t want you. 
— Natasha (109 – Hardcover)

Hope is the thing with feathers.
— Natasha (114)

America’s not really a melting pot. It’s more like one of those divided metal plates with sperate sections for starch, meat, and veggies.
— Natasha (128 – Hardcover)

To grow up is to grow apart
— 130 – Hardcover

Sincerity is sexy
— Natasha (137 – Hardcover)

It’s hard to come from someplace or someone you’re not proud of.
— Natasha (144 – Hardcover)

Who are we if not a product of our parents and their histories. 
— Natasha (144 – Hardcover)

Maybe part of falling in love with someone else is also falling in love with yourself.
— Daniel (150 – Hardcover)

[…] you can love someone and still have a not-so-great relationship with them. I wonder how much of our non-relationship is because of typical father versus teenage boy stuff […] and how much of it is cultural […]? Sometimes I feel like we’re on opposite sides of a soundproofed glass wall. We can see each other but we can’t hear each other.
— Daniel (150 to 151 – Hardcover)

It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t love you back.
— Natasha (152)

It’s not up to you to help other people fit you into a box.
— Natasha (158)

I love this part of getting to know someone. How every new piece of information, every new expression, seems magical.
— Daniel (159)

Kissing is just another way of talking except without the words.
— Natasha (182)

[…] one of the things I like most about New York City […] it deflects any attempts you make to lie to yourself.
— Natasha (184)

You can’t persuade someone to love you.
— Daniel (189)

The thing about falling is you don’t have any control on your way down.
— Daniel (193)

My heart’s been on my sleeve all day, and it’s pretty bruised by now.
— Daniel (193)

Maybe it’s better to end things this way. Better to have a tragic and sudden end than to have a long, drawn-out one where we realize that we’re just too different, and that love alone is not enough to bind us.
— Daniel (195)

Growing up and seeing your parents’ flaws is like losing your religion.
— Natasha (215 – 216)

I wanted him to know that I […] could dish it out and not just take it,
— Daniel (222)

It would be so nice to let someone else take over this burden for a little while.
— Natasha (233)

I’m looking to get overwhelmed by love and meant-to-be­ and destiny so that the decisions about my future will be out of my hands.
— Daniel (235)

My father is shaped by the memory of things I will never know.
— Daniel (237)

Sometimes your world shakes so hard, it’s difficult to imagine that everyone else isn’t feeling it too.
— Natasha (240)

We think we want all the time in the world with the people we love, but maybe what we need is the opposite. Just a finite amount of time, so we still think the other person is interesting.
— Natasha (241)

People in love want everyone else to be in love.
— Daniel (250)

[…] the smile on my face needs to be measured in miles instead of inches.
— Natasha (259)

Touching him is order and chaos, like being assembled and disassembled at the same time.
— Natasha (261)

God is the connection of the very best parts of us.
— Daniel (272)

I could stay here forever interrupting our talking with kissing, interrupting our kissing with talking.
—Daniel (277)

I think I knew our relationship wasn’t going to last. I was just trying to convince him I was worth it.
— Daniel (278)

Do you think it’s funny that […] our favorite memories are about the people we like the least now?
— Daniel (278)

The trouble with getting your hopes too far up is: it’s a long way down.
— Natasha (286)

I feel the loss of something I don’t even know I want.
— Natasha (313)

Maybe I’m naïve, but I do not give a single shit about anyone’s opinion of us. I do not care if we’re a novelty to them. I do not care about the politics of it. I don’t care if your parents approve, and I really, truly don’t care if mine do. What I care about is you, and I’m sure that love is enough to overcome all the bullshit. And it is bullshit. All the hand-wringing. All the talk about cultures clashing or preserving cultures and what will happen to the kids. All of it is one hundred percent pure, unadulterated bullshit, and I just refuse to care.
— Daniel (318)

Our history is too compressed. We’re trying to fit a lifetime into a day.
— Natasha (320)

I know what disappointment is now. I can understand how it could last a lifetime.
— Natasha (327)

[…] meant to be doesn’t have to mean forever.
— Natasha (334)

[…] the length of a day is mutable, and you can never see the end from the beginning.
— 334

Time and distance are lover’s natural enemies.
— 337

[…] everything looks like chaos up close. [However] if you pull back far enough and wait for long enough, then order emerges.
— 340

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