Collected Quotes for the Month: September 2016

Best Of Empathy or gullibility, take your pick. — “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z.” Mr. Robot   I’ve always found doors fascinating inventions. They hold the entry to unlimited imagination. Before you open any door, a world filled with possibilities sits right behind it. And it isn’t until you open it they are realized. Such potential they bring to…

Best Of

Empathy or gullibility, take your pick.
— “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z.” Mr. Robot


I’ve always found doors fascinating inventions. They hold the entry to unlimited imagination. Before you open any door, a world filled with possibilities sits right behind it. And it isn’t until you open it they are realized. Such potential they bring to our minds. And yet a lock stopped you from all of that. How lazy.
— “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z.” Mr. Robot

Not all bullshit makes flowers grow
— Amari Sali

It’s not that I’m a pessimist, it is just I know I can do better, deserve better, and will get better. So it makes it hard to settle with what I have now and be content. Much less happy.
— Amari Sali

Change is a process, not an event.
— “Inventory.” Masters of Sex

one of the things that we do to justify our inappropriate behavior is make it a universal thing.
— “House of Healing: The Myth of the Angry Black Woman, Part 1.” Iyanla: Fix My Life

You are reacting, you’re not responding.
— “House of Healing: The Myth of the Angry Black Woman – Part 3.” Iyanla: Fix My Life

how does one defeat a disease without defeating oneself?
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 50

Her evolution. Her journey. I wanted to believe . I wanted to believe in her breakthrough, her victory, the delayed efflorescence of her mind. But how does one tell the difference between Plato’s ‘divine madness’ and gibberish? between enthousiamos (literally, to be inspired by a god) and lunacy? between the prophet and the ‘medically mad?’
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 49

‘Put her away.’ The phrase has its impact. ‘We’ll have to put you away. Do you want to be put away?’ Like some unwanted household object, I used to think, that for vague reasons of moral attachment can’t be discarded outright.
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 48

as much as we think we show everybody who we are when we’re completely in charge of what happens, we find out who we really are when we’re not.”
“Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me.” Girl Meets World

The truth is, when you try to control life, life does its best to teach you not to.
“Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me.” Girl Meets World

Stop trying to figure people out just to get ‘em to do what you want. It’s just a very lonely place.
— “The Necklace.” Bull

Then it hit her: they already know about their genius, it isn’t a secret, but much worse: genius has been suppressed in them, as it had been suppressed in her. And the enormous effort required to keep it from percolating to the surface and reasserting its glorious hold on our lives is the cause of all human suffering.
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 19

Genius is not the fluke they want us to believe it is, no, it’s as basic to who we are as our sense of love, of God. Genius is childhood. The Creator gives it to us with life, and society drums it out of us before we have the chance to follow the impulses of our naturally creative souls. Einstein, Newton, Mozart, Shakespeare – not one of them was abnormal. They simply found a way to hold on to the gift every one of us is given, like a door prize, at birth.
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 18

not intruding if you really want to hear.
“Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York.” Girl Meets World

I have no plan. For the first time in my life I simply show up.
— “Freefall.” Masters of Sex

The ideas I come up with are not brilliant to me. To me, they’re just obvious.
— Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

What we do is not permanent. What’s eventually permanent comes after many, many, many tries.
— Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

Frankly, at this point I must say that my path to money, success, fame, and glamour had been a long and winding one. Although all the detours along the way built character, between you and me a more direct route to the top would have been welcome.
— “Lettin It All Hang Out.” Page 83

(On Kurt Cobain) I think there’s no getting around that twenty-something roadblock. That point in your life when have to take a massive reality check. You finally have to face the fact that things are never going to be the way you thought they would be. It’s at this point that you have to abandon many of the romantic ideas you had growing up and that’s hard because, until now, you’ve staked your life on them. Now, of course, this isn’t an insurmountable problem; in fact it’s a great opportunity for a richer and more challenging vision of life. But imagine if you had success at a young age, and you’re a star, and everyone’s telling you that you’re wonderful, fantastic. There’s just one catch: you don’t feel like a star, and you don’t feel wonderful or fantastic. In fact you don’t even feel like a human being. Each morning you wake up feeling like shit and thinking, ‘Is this all there is?’ because all the glamour and the applause doesn’t feel like you thought it would. In fact, it doesn’t feel like anything at all. And if everyone’s telling you how good you’ve got it, how successful you are, how much you have achieved, well, that must leave a pretty bitter taste in your mouth. At least if you’re down and out and feeling suicidal at twenty-eight, you can steel yourself with the hope that things will get better. But if you’re twenty-eight and at the top, you must not only feel pretty disappointed but also trapped for the only way for you to go is down. At least that’s my analysis.
— “Lettin It All Hang Out.” Page 186-187

I truly believe thoughts trapped inside the body, manifest themselves as physical ailments. So it’s important to heal those thoughts by bringing them back up to the surface from the cellar of your heart where you’ve locked them away. By doing that you can change your perception of how things are and let go of the old perception. And if you don’t do that those thoughts can poison and kill you–body and soul.
— “Lettin It All Hang Out.” Page 31

any sort of kindness that comes with conditions is hypocrisy.
— “The Fate of a Small Reputation.” Alderamin on the Sky

The Rest

You’re just calling the negotiations a threat because they’re not going your way.
— “In a Twilight Empire.” Alderamin on the Sky

I’ve never been good with cliques. Cliques are all about people trying to find security in groups. ‘Oh, I’m special now because I’m part of this clique.’ But it’s really just the emperor’s new clothes. People aren’t really together in cliques, and the sense of security that they feel is just an illusion. Eventually, all cliques disintegrate. That’s why I’ve always felt secure in my insecurity.
— “Lettin It All Hang Out.” Page 60

‘I can’t talk. I can’t be part of political process. I’m shy. I’m introverted.’ Floyd says to us all, ‘That doesn’t matter get busy, pick up your pencil.’
— Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

you can’t be wasting time when you are where you want to be.
— “Evergreen.” Queen Sugar

the same words that her eyes could not decipher on the page, her tongue, freed from the fixed symbols of language, mastered with a deftness that allowed for puns, recitations, arguments, speeches, if she deigned to deliver them-all attesting to a bewilderingly sharp intelligence.
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 7

Either you don’t understand or you don’t trust.
— By Any Chance.” Queen Sugar

You never wanted a relationship you just wanted company.
— “By Any Chance.” Queen Sugar

Permitted. Required. The language of punishment.
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 46

I’m not in control of anything. That’s what makes life so easy for me. when you think about it, nothing’s really my fault yet.
“Girl Meets She Don’t Like Me.” Girl Meets World

We all fear at some point that ‘our’ world and ‘the’ world are hopelessly estranged.
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 38

our housing arrangement is the kind New York is famous for — antiregulatory in spirit rather than outright illegal.
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 36

That’s what rap is. Making the best out of a bad situation.
— “The Streisand Effect.” Atlanta

You don’t marry the man who sweeps you off your feet. You marry the man who pulls you back down and grounds you, takes care of you.
— “Period.” Better Things

the best thing about being alive is to feel part of something.
“Girl Meets the Great Lady of New York.” Girl Meets World

Defeats can still be profitable.
— “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z.” Mr. Robot

I just think we need a chance as humans to fail in order to discover what actually works, you know? People don’t think there’s a process to being happy.
— “Go For Broke.” Atlanta

The evil stepparent. Last in line for affection and the first to be demonized, overruled.
— “Hurry Down Sunshine.” Page 13

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