The highlights from the month of November 2021, including the top performances and collected .gifs and quotes.

Collected Quotes

TV Series


The crew showing up to a site

You catch enough shrapnel, and eventually, you don’t’ want to leave any part of yourself exposed.
— Clive (5.9)

I tell other people’s stories for a living because I hate telling my own.
—Taylor (5.9)

The Good Doctor

Shaun saying Lea should get fired

Someone can love you and still let you down.
— Alma (5.7)

It cost me a lot to get here, but I’m finally in a good place. […] I don’t know if that’s “reaching my full potential,” but I’m happy. And I fought too hard for that to let anyone to tell me it’s not enough. Even the person who makes me happiest.
— Alex (5.5)

I’m ambitious, that doesn’t mean I’m broken.
— Morgan (5.5)


Issa in bed alone

Everybody in the running until they disqualify themselves.
— Molly (5.4)

Love Life

Marcus and Mia looking at each other

[…] being a man meant stepping up to the plate not once but in perpetuity.
— Narrator (2.10)

Her philosophy has always been, “I should be making more.” Not, “I should be spending less.”
— Mia (2.7)

Queen Sugar

Nova in conversation with Micah

Scars mean healing has happened.
— Nova (6.8)

Our Kind of People

Angela at a beach

I’d rather break a nail than be broken.
— Lauren (1.6)


Title Card - Ragdoll Season 1 Episode 1 [Series Premiere]

Sometimes it feels like only our mistakes have any consequences.
— Lake (1.2)

Ready To Love

Title Card - Ready To Love

I tell him all the time to stretch because when you let them stretch, then you see how far they wander. You’re gonna see if that rubber band gonna pop back, or you’ll see if that rubber band gonna snap and pop.
— Aisha (5.7)

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated In Another World As An Aristocrat

Title Card 2 The Worlds Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated In Another World As An Aristocrat Season 1 Episode 1 Plan 01 Quantum of Trust Series Premiere – Recap Review with Spoilers

Before you can trust people, you must doubt them first.
— Maha (1.8)



I don’t have to accept everything, but I would like to respect it.
— T.S. Madison (The Breakfast Club)

This is a moment, this is not definitive of who you are.
— Yvonne Orji (The Breakfast Club – October 2021 Interview)


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