In this post, you’ll find quotes collected and .gifs made throughout March 2020.

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In this post, you’ll find quotes collected and .gifs made throughout March 2020.


Episode 5

What you got isn’t a disability, just poor f**king judgement.
— Ruth

There’s pain that uses you, and there’s pain that you use.
— Darlene

Episode 3

I don’t trust you. I trust my opinion of you.
— Omar

Episode 2

“Anything can be an omen if you’re looking for it.”
— Wendy

Episode 1

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
— Wendy

If you know you have a future, there’s no reason to blow up anything in the present.”
— Wendy

The Good Doctor

Episode 17

Shaun nudging Claire.

Defining Moments with Ozy

I really couldn’t put up photos before. Like, everyone does. They have photos, but I didn’t value my life. So therefore, I didn’t celebrate myself by putting up my photos.
— Dominique Jackson (Defining Moments with OZY)

Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts

I’m not a comedian at all. […] What I say sounds funny ‘cause I’m nuts.
— Katya

Abuse happens so slowly and deeply that when you’re in it, I just think that’s what you think is normal.
— Trixie

[…] the more you fabricate your own life, you get to live, the happier you are.
— Trixie

Cherish The Day

Episode 8

Just ‘cause I’m good at it don’t mean it’s my calling,
— Gently

Episode 7

That’s all a part of this glorious life. Your reactions, your perceptions, and your processing of these things, they all determine the rise and the fall, darlings. And we’ve got to rise.
— Coral (Wendy Raquel Robinson)

Little Fires Everywhere

Episode 1

Can something be stolen if it was always meant for you?
— Pearl

Better Things

Sam Better Things

My Brilliant Friend

Episode 1

Inside small things there’s something smaller that wants to burst out. Outside a big thing there’s something bigger that wants to keep it prisoner.
— Lila

On My Block

Episode 5

A crutch is something that you need, not something that you want.
— Jasmine


People aren’t happy because they win. They win because they’re happy.
— Stargirl

You think things have to be real or magic, but the best things are both.
— Archie

I Still Believe

Suffering doesn’t destroy faith, it refines it.
— Melissa

Into The Dark: Crawlers

You don’t believe me, you’re just in trouble.
— Ms Shore

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter Life Crisis

Love is blind, lust is Helen Keller.
— Taylor Tomlinson

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Episode 4

If you’re only motivated by proof, keep your eyes open, ‘cause you might just see a miracle.
— Pastor Steve

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