Collected Quotes From The Month of April 2022



“Why would you sweat when you don’t have to?”
— Paige

Pompo: The Cinephile

“Directing is subjective. Editing is objective.”
— Pompo


9-1-1: Season 5

We grew apart, or we grew while we were apart.
— Maddie (5.13)

Atlanta: Season 3

Confession is not absolution.
— Earnest (3.4)

My Brilliant Friend: Season 3

When you don’t know what you’ve written, it means it’s good work.
— Adele (3.8)

I was a young girl back then. And I didn’t realize that his wanting to transform me was the proof that he didn’t like me as I was.
— Elena (3.7)

In fairy tales you do what you want, in life, what you can.
— Lila (3.6)

To become was a verb I’d always been obsessed by, but I only realized it on that occasion. I wanted to become something, but I never knew what.
— Elena (3.6)

Ozark: Season 4

Who wants to carry everyone else’s responsibilities and not their own?
— Wendy (4.9)

Your reach is exceeding your grasp.
— Hannah (4.9)

There is no peace without contrition, confession, absolution and penance.
— Father Benitez (4.9)

I’m trying to save them without becoming them.
— Clare (4.3)

God’s a mother******. Isn’t he? Built me smart enough to know how f***ed up my life is. But not quite smart enough to haul my ass out of it.
— Ruth (4.4)

Ready To Love: Season 6

I think she’s a good girl. However, I think I’m a better woman.
— Carmen (6.10)

There is a difference between connection and chemistry.
— Joi (6.9)

Swimming With Sharks: Season 1

My personal life is not for you to judge or for me to justify.
— Joyce (1.5)

As a woman here, you start to feel like you’re supporting a system that doesn’t want to support you.
— Joyce (1.4)

Finest trick of the devil is persuading you he doesn’t exist.
— Travis (1.3)

The Equalizer: Season 2

We are what we can’t let go of and what can’t let go of us.
— Robyn (2.16)

The First Lady: Season 1

I’m not thrilled that my title refers to my sex rather than my skills.
— Eleanor Roosevelt (1.2)

I’m accepting your position and stepping into mine.
— Michelle Obama (1.2)

Unprecedented. Not impossible.
— Eleanor Roosevelt (1.1)

That’s not a job. That’s my circumstance.
— Eleanor Roosevelt (1.1)

The Good Doctor: Season 5

Picky is fine, passive not so much.
— Dr. Morgan (5.13)

Tomadachi Game: Season 1

While there is unconditional love, there’s no such thing as unconditional friendship.
— Tsukino (1.2)

Interview/ Podcast/ Vlog

Monica Hernandez

Whenever you’re trying to get into a discussion with anybody on any side, especially if you disagree with them, don’t jump to thinking they are stupid, they are clueless, they’re not educated. They are educated in what they know, and it does not help anybody or anything, it does not help you especially if you are in the business of trying to convince anybody or try to make a change to turn people into […] two-dimensional tropes. These people have complex thoughts within their own understanding and their own logic for the world.
— Monica Hernandez (

The Breakfast Club

If you can market mediocrity, you can market greatness.
— Charlagmagne Tha God (Dawn Staley On South Carolina Win, Player NIL Deals, Holistic Coaching Style, Brittney Griner + More)

Cynicism is just an excuse for not helping.
— Marianne Williamson (

The way I look at it, the Republicans represent a nosedive [and] I look at Democrats as a managed decline.
— Marianne Williamson (

You gotta leave a legacy.  […] Life is like a relay race. It’s what you do with your dash of time and what great runner you pass the baton off to.
— Viola Davis (

Tired Ass Podcast

We spend so much time trying to find the meaning of life, like, “What’s my purpose? What am I here for?” and not enough time trying to find the meaning of moments.
— Tired Ass Podcast Episode 7

I equate it to less than, not worthy of.
— Tired Ass Podcast Episode 8

Rejection is protection.
— Tired Ass Podcast Episode 8

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