Collected Quotes For The Month: November 2017

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[…] you’ll only run out of ideas if you close yourself off to things—to new ideas, new experiences, new people. Don’t be afraid to change, to grow, and to learn—that’s the only way to keep yourself creatively vital.
— “So Much I Wanna Tell You” Page 19

Enhance your strengths. Tweak the weaknesses.
— “So Much I Wanna Tell You” Page 69-70

Knowing yourself is the first step toward loving yourself. Embracing the flawed parts of who you are can only make you stronger. I know it sounds New Age-y and cliched, but honestly, all I want is to be a better person. And I can only achieve that by realizing where I am now.
— “So Much I Wanna Tell You” Page 77

I can’t be intimate with someone unless I have romantic feelings (or delusions) for them.
— “So Much I Wanna Tell You” Page 154

If you set after doing something and learn a lesson on the way, even if you lose, it’s still a victory.
— “Dream Variations” Queen Sugar

Dreams are funny things. They morph and reshape in an instant.
— “Dream Variations” Queen Sugar

If you believe there’s money, it will come to you.
— “Half a Sheet Cake & a Blue-Raspberry Slushie” SMILF

Some people hide behind makeup, others behind a smile. It’s still hiding.
— “Reunion” Runaways

[I need to] Stop seeing everyone’s success as my failures.
— “#DaJumpoff (DOCTRINE)” She’s Gotta Have It

“We promise to humanize but humanizing doesn’t mean making you look good. It means I’m packing you and you’re full three dimensions.”
Peter Nicks (THR Full Documentary Roundtable – 2017)

It seems when you’re black, living in fear is just good common sense.
“On These I Stand.” Queen Sugar

Maybe you see history. All I see is hate.
“On These I Stand.” Queen Sugar

Most successful people will tell you to follow your dreams. I’d say fall into them.
— “So Much I Wanna Tell You” by Anna Akana – Page 5 (Part 1: Creativity – Find Your Voice)

You grow up around something, and it feels like nothing.

Don’t you think they are the same thing: Love and Attention?
Lady Bird

The most important thing in life is to have good friends. Not lots of friends.
The Killing of a Sacred Deer

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