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Collected Quotes: All The Ugly and Wonderful Things

by Amari
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Best Of

[…] he left spaces for me when he talked. If I saw him again, I decided I might put words in those spaces.
— “Chapter 4: Wavy.” All The Ugly And Wonderful Things: A Novel – Page 26

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You make people interested in you by keeping secrets, not by passing them out like candy at Halloween.
“Part 5/ Chapter 1: Renee – September 1987” Page 263

No woman had ever looked at me the way she did, or touched me that way. Like she wanted me, like I was worth wanting.
“Part 5/ Chapter 14: Kellen – July 1990” Page 313

[…] there was no sense in rushing toward being dead. It would find you soon enough, and before it did there were pleasures to make your heart hurt less.

“Part 4/Chapter 11: Wavy – 1986” Page 248

I loved how kissing made me soft between my legs but it made him hard in the same place. It was wonderful magic.

“Part 3/Chapter 12: Wavy – March to June 1983” Page 194

If he wouldn’t touch me, that was bearable, but to have him look away from me wasn’t. I needed him to see me.
“Part 3/Chapter 12: Wavy – March to June 1983” Page 191

The Rest

Summer sneaked time for me. Taking a minute from February, three minutes from English class in March [and] ten whole minutes from a boring Thursday in April. Summer stole time to give me another hour under the stars […].
“Part 3/Chapter 12: Wavy – March to June 1983” Page 193

[She] ate in darting little bites and without chewing enough. The same way she filled her heart. Too quickly, and with too much talking and not enough feeling.
“Part 5/ Chapter 2: Wavy – November 1988” Page 267

He approached food the same way he approached kissing: slowly, thoroughly, and with concentration.
“Part 5/ Chapter 2: Wavy – November 1988” Page 268

That was how she showed affection. When I went through some soul-crushing breakup, she made elaborate meals and desserts for me.
“Part 5/ Chapter 5: Renee – May 1990” Page 274

You can look up the word keening in the dictionary, but you don’t know what it means until you hear somebody having her heart ripped out.
“Part 5/ Chapter 12: Renee – May 1990” Page 301

Feeling dead was better than when my heart hurt. Sometimes I thought it might burn through my ribs while I was asleep, and smolder in the sheets until the whole house caught fire.

“Part 4/Chapter 11: Wavy – 1986” Page 246

People thinking I was stupid wasn’t all bad. Sometimes they told me secrets because they knew I wouldn’t repeat them.
“Part 3/Chapter 5: Wavy – October 1982” Page 160



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