Netflix’s I Am Mother (2019): Cast, Characters & Descriptions (with Spoilers)

A character guide for Netflix’s I Am Mother featuring cast members names, character descriptions, and noteworthy information.

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Title Card - I Am Mother (2019)

A character guide for Netflix’s I Am Mother featuring cast members names, character descriptions, and noteworthy information.

I Am Mother (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)


Played By: Rose Byrne

Mother (Rose Byrne) looking at Daughter.

Character Information

Mother is a sentient AI who exhibits some of the worst fears of those like Dr. Stephen Hawking. It, for over 37 years, has been at war with humanity to wipe out the bad and ambiguous as it rebuilds humanity for the better. This includes, when a human doesn’t reach its expectations, it aborting said human. All in the name of a better world.



Played By: Clara Rugaard

Daughter (Clara Rugaard) in the infirmary.
Daughter (Clara Rugaard)

Character Information

Estimated, Daughter is Mother’s third attempt at making the perfect, or at least morally good, human. She, like her sisters before her, has a bit of an interest in origami and is rather naive. This is thanks to Mother curtailing information which would otherwise lead Daughter to dislike, and eventually rebel against them.

Additional Information About Daughter

  • She is 18



Played By: Hilary Swank

Woman (Hilary Swank) with a look of disbelief.
Woman (Hilary Swank)

Character Information

An orphan raised by tunnel dwellers, Woman escaped as the community who raised her turned into cannibals. Leaving her wandering the formerly toxic planet and making a home out of storage containers found on a beach.

General Information

  • Over 37 years, Mother made the air toxic and seemingly created conditions in which nothing would grow – thus starving out humanity.
  • Within 6 months of when we meet 18-year-old daughter, Mother began to undo the damage she, and humans in extension, did.
  • Mother is all-seeing, and due to being connected through some sort of network, they are able to see and hear through every droid and electronic device.

Notable Locations & Events

The Base

From what we see, the base is fully stocked like a military grade war bunker. It has a sleeping area, high tech infirmary, industrial doors to prevent outside forces from entering, and is built damn near like a Fallout shelter which wasn’t made to experiment on its inhabitants.

The Tunnels

Also called “The Mines,” this is where Woman is from and where it seems the last of humanity, to her anyway, are dying off at.

The Outside

The outside world which has clouded skies, dead crops, and looks uninhabitable.

It isn’t clear what caused a good part of the world to look desolate, but it does seem clear Mother played a part in making sure humanity could quickly be killed off one means or another. It is noted crops didn’t exist until 6 or so months ago, and the air wasn’t breathable. We are also told Mother consistently hunts for humans, and we’re led to assume she doesn’t discriminate and check whether that person was good or not before she came into power. Woman even accuses Mother of killing babies.

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