Year of Yes: Chapter 1 "No." – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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How did the year of yes begin? Well, it all started from Shonda trying to get some praise for her accomplishments. However, with a family not necessarily in awe and easily left stunned, so comes the question “Are you going to do any of these things?”

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Baby Wants Attention [November 28th, 2013]

Shonda is the youngest 6 kids and the gap between the oldest, Delorse, and her is 12 years. But, as noted in the chapter, despite Delorse going off to college when Shonda was just entering kindergarten, that was her role model. Now, the exact details of how and why aren’t mentioned, like whether Delorse would be the main one to babysit or would be the one who primarily exposed Shonda to things, but considering the effect one sentence has on Shonda, needless to say, Delores’s words mean a great deal. After all, why else would Shonda help her during her first year of taking over Thanksgiving while everyone else seems to be at home prepping their bellies for expansion right?

But while Shonda is acting as Delorse’ sous chef, she is talking about all these invites and people who want her to speak. All of which is said more so for praise and acknowledgment than to brag. For with her family not in awe of her, not kissing her ass, and certainly not trying to piggyback off her success, it almost seems like Shonda feels like she isn’t validated. However, what Shonda wasn’t expecting is Delorse to ask her one simple question.

Topic 2: “Are You Going To Do Any Of These Things?”

In chapter 2 it is established that somewhere between college and now, something happened and Shonda went from bubbly and outgoing to almost a shut-in. Now, her argument as of November 2013 was three kids, two of which are babies and one is a tween, then there are who two shows and, OH, she was a single mother. All of which, frankly, even Shonda knows is BS. For, to run it down as Delorse does, 2 of Shonda’s siblings are within 4 blocks, Shonda’s parents are 40 minutes away, and between her nanny and all her friends, she just has to ask.

Which you have to wonder, did that ever cross Shonda’s mind? For between not realizing the potential of friends and family assistance, to possibly enjoying this feeling of always being on a rush, needed by someone or something, maybe she forgot about her support group? Heck, maybe that is the reason why wild Shonda turned into the person she is. As people got their own lives, she decided she would focus more on hers to the point she became like a horse with blinders on. She just did the work and kept pushing forward.


Collected Quote(s)

[When] You are your own boss—your job is only as busy as you make it.

—           “Chapter 1: No.” Year of Yes

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