Recovery Road: Part 1/ Chapter 4 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


It’s movie night for the residence of Spring Meadow and, outside of Madeline “squirmies,” chapter 4 contains a rather mundane story.

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

Being that it is November in Oregon, and raining frequently, Madeline hasn’t got out much. However, with Trish [1] talking about going in the van to the movies, Madeline begrudgingly decides to go. Accompanying them are a bunch of residents from the facility, Vern, who is an old gay guy; a creepy boy who looks like a big eared rat; a guy who looks like a middle age rock and roll burnout; and two old ladies in track suits.

While at the movies, things are mostly uneventful until the images on screen trigger Madeline’s need for Jack Daniels, and this leads to her explaining what the “squirmies” are. Outside of that, she and Trish joke around during the movie, and it seems to be a good night for both of them.


Though I’m only covering one chapter this week, it is more so due to time restraints than interest. For the book remains appealing, especially as I imagine Jessica Sula, and co., filling out the roles. But I must admit that I’m both happy for, and upset about, how short the chapters are. Perhaps because it feels like they contain but a few hours, in which it is like we are reading novelized journal entries.

Despite the short chapters though, I do feel that we are being given just enough to start painting mental pictures about the state of Madeline’s life, and the environment she is in. With that said however, I wonder if people like Vern, and the other adults mentioned, will be just passing by throughout the story, or if they may become active parts. For while I do adore Madeline, and Trish seems interesting, I doubt those two are going to be the sole focuses of this story. Leading me to wonder who else we may officially meet and then get to know.

Things To Note

[1] Trish is explained as a High School parking lot. She smokes too much, wears too much makeup, and Madeline makes it seem Trish is a pro at hand jobs.


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