All The Ugly and Wonderful Things: Part 4 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In part 4, almost all of Wavy’s worse nightmares come true and due to that she is forced to fully rely on herself, entertain herself, and figure out a way to live when the only reason to do so is just hoping for a better day.

Summaries (with Commentary)

Part 4: 1983 – 1987

With Liam and Val dead, and despite Liam’s mother asking for Wavy and Donal [note]and afterwards never being talked about again[/note], Wavy and Donal end up with aunt Brenda. Someone who seems to want them under her roof out of obligation to family than anything else. Hell, even her vendetta against Kellen, who is caught seeming like he was having sex with Wavy at his desk, it seems more like avenging herself than trying to avenge Wavy.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Liam and Val are found dead and it isn’t clear who did it. Whether it was one of the people Kellen killed during his many drug ones, maybe a murder-suicide, or what. What is known though is that it all happens not too long after Val called Brenda about getting her kids, instead of the other way around. Lending to the idea she knew something was going to happen. However, I bet one thing not counted on was the cops raiding the place, arresting everyone, and Wavy being found damn near spread eagle with Kellen looking like he was about to penetrate her. Something Donal, Brenda, Butch [note]Liam’s manager of operations[/note] and the sheriff sees.

Which, you’d think would be a bad thing, a horrible thing. Yet, it actually benefits Kellen. Mind you, he gets 10 years for having relations with Wavy. However, considering the Agent assigned to Liam’s case wanted to pin him for murder, it was either a rock or hard place. Though, considering what prisoners do to those with harm against children, maybe the muder charge would have been easier.

Meanwhile, as Kellen spends around three years in prison [note]at least in this part[/note] Wavy is doing… ok. At first, she just rebels because Brenda has destroyed the one pseudo-healthy and happy relationship she had, outside of Donal. But with Sean having a paternity test done on Donal then snatching him away, she is left with nothing. This leads her into a bit of a depression until she realizes keeping her hands busy, like how Kellen washed dishes to drown out his thoughts, is a way of dealing with things. So, she takes up arts and crafts. In fact, she even gets active at school too. Not to the point in dating, but she does decorate for prom. Albeit she makes vulva and penis like hearts but, hey, get a laugh in when you can right? It’s better than masturbating, while your cousin is in the same room, and then crying because the man you wanted to take your virginity [note]We are told Kellen didn’t take her virginity but broke her hymen fingering her[/note] is locked up. [note]We learn Kellen still has feelings for Wavy and seemingly never thought about her age, but more who she was – as in she was just Wavy. That is, as opposed to 13 going on 14-year-old Wavy who he shouldn’t be messing around with. Though, as the last part noted, he knew it was wrong but Wavy was his lifeline. What essentially was giving him a reason for living. So doing as she wanted was kind of what he had to do to keep her happy. [/note]

[note]We are told Kellen’s eldest brother die in a bar fight before he was 21, his older sister is in and out of jail, other older brother in jail for robbery, and younger sister is special needs.[/note] [note]With Sandy being put away on a charge of possession and intent to distribute, seems she may not get a chapter while everyone else and the sheriff does.[/note] [note]Amy is a lesbian.[/note] [note]As of 1987, Wavy is 18.[/note] [note]Chapters 10 to 11 cover 1984 to 1986 and you have to wonder if nothing really happened over the course of two years? Though, considering multiple chapters cover years instead of months, like in past parts, it really pushes the idea the book didn’t want to become bloated with unnecessary details. Especially as part 5 features the college and adult years of Wavy. [/note]

Collected Quote(s)

Feeling dead was better than when my heart hurt. Sometimes I thought it might burn through my ribs while I was asleep, and smolder in the sheets until the whole house caught fire.

  • “Part 4/Chapter 11: Wavy – 1986” Page 246

[…] there was no sense in rushing toward being dead. It would find you soon enough, and before it did there were pleasures to make your heart hurt less.

  • “Part 4/Chapter 11: Wavy – 1986” Page 248

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