A Conversation With: Preacher (Soon To Be Pastor) – Nicolette Faison

Here at Wherever I Look, curiosity is a driving focus of many of the programming chosen. However, our curiosity isn’t just about media. One of the things which are also a keen interest is faith. 

Thus leading to our interview with the Chicago-based preacher, Nicolette Faison. The 26-year-old pastor to be, from a rather large Catholic turned Lutheran family has done something which makes her an outlier for her age group. Rather than, like many millennials, sort of distancing herself from religion and being religious as she has gotten older, instead she found what is called “a calling” and went on the seminary route to become a pastor.

An old friend of mine, of at least a four years, a lot of the questions asked revisit the hows and why of not just her becoming a preacher, but her style. One in which Nicolette will use pop culture topics like Whitney Houston, Beyoncé or the film Black Panther in order to connect scripture to modern times.

Check out our conversation below.

Listen to some of Nicolette’s Sermons.

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