The Outfit (2022) – How It Ended and What Could Come Next

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A summary of how The Outfit (2022) ended and whether a prequel or sequel is possible.

A summary of how The Outfit (2022) ended and whether a prequel or sequel is possible.

Director(s) Graham Moore
Screenplay By Johnathan McClain, Graham Moore
Date Released 3/18/2022
Noted Cast
Leonard Mark Rylance
Roy Boyle Simon Russell Beale
Richie Boyle Dylan O’Brien
Francis Johnny Flynn
Violet Fontaine Nikki Amuka-Bird
Mable Zoey Deutch

How Did It End?

It begins with us learning that, as teased, Leonard is the rat. Behind a radiator, he planted a tape recorder so all the conversations Mr. Boyle’s gang had in the shop could be recorded. Following that, he led Mr. Boyle’s crew to think “The Outfit” had a legitimate interest in them when really they have no idea who they are. Now, how did Leonard find out about “The Outfit?” That isn’t gone into. All that we know is he set Boyle’s people to go to war with Violet Fontaine’s people.

Which again leads to the question of why? Well, one can only assume it was to set up Mable to get a chance to see the world. For with Leonard’s wife and daughter dying because of his past actions, perhaps helping Mable get away from the chaos of Chicago was supposed to be his repentance? But let it be known, Mable, too, was setting things up so she could get out. She was working with an FBI agent, which her boyfriend Richie, Mr. Boyle’s son, didn’t know about.

But in the end, neither Leonard nor Mable have anyone of the Boyle family or the Fontaine’s to worry about. Mr. Boyle is sent into an ambush, leading to Violet Fontaine murdering him. Then, after Violet gives a suitcase full of money to Mable and Leonard, Leonard produces a cassette of her murder confession that Mable can give to her FBI friend.

Now, the only thing that complicated this whole thing was Francis, Mr. Boyle’s up-and-coming soldier, not dying when Leonard screwed him over, and Violet’s men shot him. But, with Leonard tapping into his days of being a hardened killer and showing he isn’t some feeble Englishman, he finishes Francis. From there, Leonard sets his place on fire to destroy the evidence of Francis’ killing, Richie’s, who died after Francis shot him, and any trace of Leonard or Mable being at the crime scene.

Is There Sequel/ Prequel Potential?

The way Leonard makes it seem, though he wants to live the rest of his life in peace and quiet, trouble follows him. So a sequel could be possible, especially since we’re made to believe “The Outfit” could be a real thing, a post-Al Capone network of mob organizations across the United States. But a prequel could be possible as well, showing Leonard, called English throughout the film, using those shears of his in the most violent ways, and us getting to meet his daughter Lily and wife Azira.

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