A summary of how Dual (2022) ended and whether a prequel or sequel is possible.

Director(s) Riley Stearns
Screenplay By Riley Stearns
Date Released 4/14/2022
Noted Cast
Sarah Karen Gillan
Peter Beulah Koale
Trent Aaron Paul
Sarah’s Mom Maija Paunio

How Did It End?

For a good part of the movie, Sarah is training Trent, preparing for her battle to the death, but then Sarah’s Double almost makes it seem she wants to make peace. The idea is even presented they should run away together, and being that Sarah and her double bond like never before, Sarah is duped into thinking her double really wants to make peace.

However, what ultimately happens is Sarah’s Double poisons her as they walk in the middle of the woods, and leaves her for dead. But, rather than present herself as the double when it is time to do the dual, she presents herself as the original.

Why? Well, at this point Peter isn’t as interesting or attractive as he once was, and the double has also grown tired of Sarah’s mom and would rather have the estranged relationship Sarah had. So, to start over, she takes over Sarah’s life, outright, rather than as the Double who won it all.

Which leaves us watching the screen, thinking Sarah may pop out from the ground, but instead you get tricked into watching the credits, barely paying any attention to the words on the screen, for you are expecting the original Sarah to pop up from the ground or under the leaves.

Is There Sequel/ Prequel Potential

Could “Dual 2” explore Sarah’s Double exploring what it means to be born a full on adult with no memories, no skills, and no life? Yes. We see a support group she could go to, there is the potential of people learning she killed her original, and all of that could be explored. However, this seems like a one and done film so I don’t expect it to happen.

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