TellTale Games' The Wolf Among Us: Season 1/ Episode 4 "In Sheep's Clothing" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview With my play through only being an hour and ten minutes, you may expect this episode to be a disappointment. In reality, though, it may only be the 2nd to the finale, if the finale is as good as it looks to be. Review (with Spoilers) After a very violent episode 3, we are…

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With my play through only being an hour and ten minutes, you may expect this episode to be a disappointment. In reality, though, it may only be the 2nd to the finale, if the finale is as good as it looks to be.

Review (with Spoilers)

After a very violent episode 3, we are left with a battered and bruised Bigby. But, even with silver shot into his body, he is still alive. Possibly on his last leg, but still alive. And between discovering who caused the murders, who The Crooked Man is, as well as discovering how messed up the town is, Bigby realizes that this case is far more complicated than he could ever imagine.

Topic 1: The Grim Reaper is Late – Bigsby, Snow, and Beauty & the Beast

The good doctor, as well as Colin and Snow, take care of Bigby after his fight with Bloody Mary. But with Colin not being at the farm, as well as Snow rising in rank, there comes an issue with those who aren’t glamoured walking around. Snow wants them put back to the farm, and this worries Colin for he hates it there. Thus putting an injured Bigby in the middle of a political fight. One in which one man alone can surely not enforce.

But, with Snow trying to do things by the book, and more so follow the rules than her heart, she seems to really want this whole, be glamoured or live on the farm thing to be an enforced law. This is just one issue though amongst a slew of others because you have to go see Beauty and The Beast in their lavish apartment. One in which we see why they are so in debt, but for an understandable reason. As Beast notes, they were royals who are now forced to live the lives of the middle class. A culture shock which is rather hard to adjust to. Especially since it seems hardly any fables can get any quality type of work, thus leading to why The Crooked Man is portrayed as someone so powerful. But, more on that below.

What matters most when it comes to this visit is the information provided. Beauty talks about where you can find the Crooked Man, perhaps, as well as where the loans come from. On the opposite end, Beast relays that he makes some shady deliveries, which also should be investigated. And with them telling you this they ask not only for your protection but also to help them with their debt. Something which you have to decide on as you also must decide where to go first?

Topic 2: Discovering The People’s President – Bigsby, The Butcher & Jersey Devil

For me, I went to the Butcher shop. There I found out where all the Black magic glamours were made, as well as who was using them. The list was long and had various characters we have yet to even see in the game. But, what was most troubling was the shackles, as well as knowing who was likely shackled to them. For example, Narissa seems to be one of them, and likely Lily and Faith were too. But with Narissa’s ribbon on her neck keeping her from talking, we can’t be fully sure that she was one of the ones who chained up.

What is known though is that as we get to see The Crooked Man’s operation more and more, you realize that while he may be evil in our eyes, he is also seen as a savior of sorts. Again, though, more on that later. If just because we must talk about going to the pawn shop ran by the Jersey Devil in which we find the Woodsman looking for his axe, which was last seen with Bloody Mary, and after a tussle between those two, and then you getting involved, you learned how engrained The Crooked Man is in their society, as well as find the missing mirror piece. With this, you return the administrative office, with something finally accomplished.

Topic 3: Two Governments – The Crooked Man

As noted throughout the episode, in many ways there are two governments in the town which work side by side. For those with money, and the finances to be glamoured, they go to Crane and Snow’s established government. For those who don’t, they seek The Crooked Man. And it isn’t just for the sake of cheap glamour either, he provides them jobs as we see with Beauty, Beast, Flycatcher, The Tweedles, the boy formerly known as Tiny Tim, and pretty much a good portion of the town. Making catching him, and bringing him to justice, a bit of a difficult decision. Well, at least at the end of the episode.

But there remains an issue of this “war” that Snow believes is going on. One in which her government is against The Crooked Man’s. However, as Tim notes, they need to work together in order for the town to truly survive. Snow’s government, as many have noted throughout the series, shows favoritism. Some can speak to the bosses, and others will wait on line for who knows how long. With The Crooked Man, though, even those down and out can approach him. Of course, this comes at a price, but what doesn’t in life?

Leaving us, at the end of the episode, facing down The Crooked Man and seeing a very complex figure. One which provides jobs for many of the townspeople, but has many associates who are far from saints. Making the final episode perhaps what could be the pivotal point in what may happen to the town. Will Snow’s neglectful government prevail, may it fall to ruin, or will some federalist type agreement be made so The Crooked Man can do his thing as Snow’s government does its own?

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