TellTale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 2/ Episode 2 "A House Divided" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Just when things are starting to look up for Clementine, you are given the decision of how much worse they will become.


With Clem finally starting to really settle into the group, with even Rebecca starting to treat her kindly, it makes Pete’s death all the worse. But, with Kenny being reintroduced, it seems that perhaps some of her troubles are over. However, being that Nick’s brash decision has caused something which could endanger the group’s future, as well as Luke/ Carlos’ decisions in the past, it seems that every time a light may flicker to brighten Clementine’s world, it abruptly explodes leaving only darkness and uncertainty.


Things felt a bit more slower in this going, but considering you don’t get much of a chance to explore, the controls aren’t a major issue.

Graphics & Presentation

Though the facial design definitely you can see it continuously improved, backgrounds often remain static or, even for the art style, not that visually appealing. But, at least when it comes to quick time decisions and dialogue, I feel things have been made a bit more easier on us.


My playtime was a total of an hour and a half. Which, for me, felt a bit light but it felt like the weight of your decisions made up for this.

Overall: Buy

This episode felt rather short, as noted above, but at the same time a lot of decisions, listed below, seem like they will have a big impact all the way to the end of the series. In fact, I am almost hesitant to keep my current decisions, and likely will replay to see if some things were preventable or not. And believe me when I say there are many decisions which really feel like they may have serious consequences. For between your interactions with Luke, Sarah, Kenny, and the villain of the season Carver, that time limit will piss you off to no end.

Things to Note

I may have this and The Wolf Among Us use the book template, in the future, for there isn’t really much to say when it comes to the usual video game categories.

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