Zoey during her nightmare

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While functional, Zoey and Maggie are struggling with creating a new normal. But while Maggie finds the help she needs, Zoey? Not so much.

Director(s) John Terlesky
Writer(s) Samantha McIntyre
Aired (NBC) 1/19/2021
Introduced This Episode
Roger Rob Stewart

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It’s Still An Adjustment – Zoey, Simon, Leif, Tobin, Max, Mo

Zoey is still in the middle of a readjustment. Mitch’s death is still fresh, Leif hasn’t really gained a solid command over his team, thus Tobin still runs wild, and Zoey’s personal life is still complicated. For while she seems solid when it comes to being with Max, Simon gets her in a way Max doesn’t, or she feels comfortable with Simon in ways she isn’t yet available to Max.

This, on the surface, Max implies isn’t causing an issue, but his heart song says otherwise. And considering Zoey can hear what he is thinking, but not the other way around, he’s frustrated. Add in Mo breaking up with their boyfriend, thus distracting them, and Max feels like he doesn’t have an outlet for his issues or a means to resolve them. For with his business partner and Zoey going through something, who can he turn to?

How Maggie Got Her Groove Back – Emily, David, Jenna, Maggie, Roger

For 40 years, Mitch collaborated with Maggie, and his absence has left her a bit unsteady. She tries to pitch to a man named Roger, but with him noting the proposal feels safe, she questions what to do next? Mind you, Maggie hasn’t mentioned money is an issue, but who knows between Mitch’s medical bills and just taking care of the house, whether she could just be at home and play grandma? So, not living up to her reputation is hard to hear.

Roger (Rob Stewart) talking to Maggie
Roger (Rob Stewart)

Luckily, while Jenna is getting on Emily and David’s last nerve, she is a Godsend for Maggie, who proposes her working with her regularly. Meaning Jenna might have a semi-permanent place on the show.

Too Much, Too Soon? – Max, Simon, Zoey

Rather than call Max selfish, let’s consider him someone who likes consistency, accessibility, and has certain needs. Which, when it comes to Zoey, both before and after her father died, she just didn’t have the capacity for. Work is always hectic, things have been going on with her family for months, if not years, and it makes it so, with her, you get in where you fit in. Which for Max doesn’t work since Zoey can find time to fulfill physical needs, absolutely. However, emotional needs? She is barely able to deal with her own feelings to take on someone else’s.

Hence why Max is uncomfortable and even told Simon he and Zoey are together. Which for Zoey, when she speaks to Simon about it, she doesn’t use the same words. That is a red flag for viewers since, while they are having sex and spending time together, it seems what they are may not have been agreed upon yet. But, either way, with no heart song from Simon, he seems genuinely cool with it.

Though considering it is him, not Max, who Zoey feels comfortable enough to talk to about her issues sleepings, dreaming, and the fear that she is still struggling with her dad’s death, should Max be worried? Heck, could Simon see Max as the first, but not the last man Zoey will date? Stick around to find out.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, are we universally calling Mo “He” now, as Max and Zoey did? Rather than gender-neutral terms?



Zoey Realizing Maybe She Got With Max Too Soon

Not to make Simon v. Max a thing again, but I must admit I almost wonder if Max and Zoey’s relationship is what we see because Max was there first and Simon backed down? Because the way Zoey is with Max, while you understand she doesn’t want to dump everything on one person, there is also the vibe that without Max being able to help, he doesn’t know what his place is? And it’s one thing to be a supportive friend, who fills their time with other things, but in a relationship? That lack of communication doesn’t work for Max.

Zoey ignoring Max

Then when you add in Simon is hearing all that and that rivalry they have, it’s frustrating. Hence him agreeing with Zoey that maybe they moved too fast, maybe he was a little too opportunistic, and they need to hit the breaks for a bit.

Grief Not Being Over In A Snap & Can’t Be Drowned Out With Other Things

Yes, it has been months, but Mitch was a cuddly father figure and devoted husband. That void isn’t easily filled, and while we’re seeing Maggie start up her life again, this doesn’t mean Zoey can do the same. And while you can see she perhaps took on this new role to fill up her time and be distracted, it isn’t working. Even her delegating to relieve stress, dating, and trying to invest more into her mom’s interest, it isn’t helping.

Not everyone grieves the same way, and everyone has different obstacles to moving on. With Zoey, it seems while she knows her dad is dead, she hasn’t accepted it or has a limited desire to fully process all it means for him to not be there anymore. So while she moved back in with her mom for a few months, it doesn’t mean being in that house helped her grieve. If anything, it seems Zoey used it as an opportunity to drown in all things Mitch and Maggie and avoid the fact all that house had was old memories, not any new ones to form.

On The Fence

Are Roger And Maggie Going To Become A Thing?

It seems Roger’s face is going to become more than a one-episode thing, and while we’d love the idea of things not becoming romantic, it isn’t realistic. After all, if Maggie was meant to just go out there and work, they could have brought Bernadette Peters on full time and had her and Maggie work together. But instead, Jenna is working with Maggie and with Roger, someone age-appropriate and complimentary, unmarried from what we can tell, you know what’s up.

The only question is, when and how will it go down, and who will Maggie confide in about it? Especially considering she doesn’t seem to have friends her age.

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Zoey Realizing Maybe She Got With Max Too Soon - 83%
Grief Not Being Over In A Snap & Can't Be Drowned Out With Other Things - 84%
Are Roger And Maggie Going To Become A Thing? - 75%


As Zoey's sleep becomes more and more elusive, so comes the question of what she is willing to give up or do for peace of mind? Especially since, while everyone grieves differently, her family seems to not be suffering to the extent she is.

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