Zoey and Max during the final round of interviews for SprqPoint
Zoey and Max during the final round of interviews for SprqPoint

To fully understand how much Max means to Zoey, we have a flashback episode focused on them teaming up to win a job at Sprqpoint.

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To fully understand how much Max means to Zoey, we have a flashback episode focused on them teaming up to win a job at Sprqpoint.

Episode Name Zoey’s Extraordinary Session
Directed By Richard J. Lewis
Written By Celeste Klaus, Sam Laybourne
Aired (NBC) 5/9/2021

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One Of The First Big Scares – David, Mitch, Maggie, Zoey

5 or so years ago, when Mitch was alive and doing well, things were vastly different. Emily wasn’t David’s girlfriend, and it was Maggie who has the health scare. Specifically, she had a “Small” heart attack at the time, which she still takes medication for to this day since two blockages had to be fixed. And when you learn this happened on the same day of Zoey’s interview for SprqPoint, you come to realize how much bad timing there is in Zoey’s life.

More To Me Than I Know – Max, Danny, Zoey, Leif, Tobin

Danny welcoming the final crop of interviewees
Danny welcoming the final crop of interviewees

After four rounds of interviews, Zoey thinks she was finally hired by SprqPoint only to learn Danny had one final round, which would be a series of challenges. Challenges that everyone was supposed to do with a partner and Zoey’s original choice was Leif, but because Tobin pushed him to get with a buxom girl who also made it to this round, she ended up with Max. Now, despite how their relationship is now, when Max and Zoey first met? Oh, she did not like him.

Why? Well, because he made fun of her suit, didn’t take one of the first challenges seriously, and he seemed more like a liability than an asset. However, after the second challenge, they start bonding over having total opposite families, and Max’s charm starts to come out a little bit. That and the fact he is a good guy since he figures a way to have Zoey continue the interview by coding while he does the groundwork for the final challenge.

Said challenge Max and Zoey seem to have the best product: a watch that monitors a person’s heartbeat and can produce coffee when in need. But with Zoey not being there, Danny decided to award Leif and Max the job. This didn’t sit well with Max, so he sacrificed himself so Zoey could get the job, and being that Danny figured it would be good to have a woman on the 4th floor, he accepts it.

Which may lead you to ask, then how did Max get a job? Well, that is thanks to Danny’s cousin revealing himself and that making Danny mad enough to fire him. Thus, Max took that person’s position.

And Here We Are Now – Rose, Max, Emily, David, Zoey

Modern-day, Rose, and Max plan how to spend their plane ride home, and she is jolly about it all. Meanwhile, Zoey is a stuttering mess when she sees him since she realizes she has pushed down her feelings for Max for about 5 years now, and now he is heading back home for a major opportunity – with Rose by his side.

Alongside them, there is also a need to acknowledge Emily and David. While not seen in modern times, we do get to see and learn about their past. David was Emily’s teacher’s assistant, and they dated a little until the class, legal ethics, got to Emily, and it was decided they should break up. However, on the same day Zoey met Max, David got to see Emily again, and seemingly that was the beginning of the end of his relationship before her.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So did Zoey’s powers manifest earlier than we thought or was that guy after the first round really singing out loud?

Commentary/ Review


Emily and David’s Backstory Snuck In There

Emily smiling at David in the hospital
Emily smiling at David in the hospital

It seems weird to see Emily smiling and a little flirty with David, considering their marriage, and having a child, has seemingly put a toll on their relationship. Pair that with postpartum depression, and it is easy to question what happened? But, when you consider who David used to date and that Emily was at one time a bit more up and friendly, you get it.

David appears to like women who aren’t necessarily the most cuddly and emotionally available. He needs someone who isn’t necessarily a rock when it comes to their emotions but can allow him to be the one in his feelings, and they can still hold down the household. Hence why David and Emily can have the arrangement of him staying home and her working. It’s something that she is capable and willing to do for the sake of their family and his mental and emotional health.

Meanwhile, that ex? I doubt she’d let David quit anything since she was needy and didn’t have much of a showing for independence.

Seeing Mitch Again

Though we love a show which isn’t afraid to kill off a main character, we must admit seeing Mitch again was sweet. It made for a nice reminder as to who set the standard for what to look for in a man for Zoey and why she is so torn between Simon and Max, since they both hold her dad’s features. However, Max did come first, and Mitch even said that he liked him, which is the closest thing to a blessing she will have.

On The Fence

We Get It, They’re Endgame

Why is Simon even dating Zoey? It seems clear the show may have liked flirting with the idea in season one when they bonded over grief, but the relationship has been thoroughly buried in season 2. Hence, there is very little work to strengthen that bond, and more so pushing the idea that with Zoey maybe not dating much previously, now she has become someone who needs to be in a relationship. Be it in search to attain what her mom and dad had, to avoid being alone, or because she doesn’t want to burden her family with her problems, so she felt a partner should take that on.

It isn’t clear why Zoey remains with Simon, beyond Max being unavailable, but I’m hoping she cuts him off soon. It seems clear that it isn’t going to work, and Max is endgame. Even if he and Rose are a cuter couple.

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Emily and David's Backstory Snuck In There - 83%
Seeing Mitch Again - 84%
We Get It, They're Endgame - 73%


Revisiting the past sets up the season finale which will likely be devastating for Simon and renew Zoey x Max for another round.

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