Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Season 1 Episode 8 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Glitch” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Mo, unfortunately, takes a night off, Zoey finds herself front and center as she sings her repressed emotions in the most inappropriate situations.

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Zoey singing to her dad.

As Mo, unfortunately, takes a night off, Zoey finds herself front and center as she sings her repressed emotions in the most inappropriate situations.

Directed By Joe Turteltaub
Written By Samantha McIntyre
Aired (NBC) 3/29/2020
Introduced This Episode
Danny Michael Davis Noah Weisberg

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

The Big Meeting: Danny, Joan, Leif, Max, Zoey

With Chirp being ready for pitching, Joan finally brings Zoey in, and it couldn’t happen on the worst day. You see, the usually dull life of Zoey is dealing with a whole lot of things she is trying to avoid. One of which is confronting Leif and Joan about their relationship. And with her being under pressure about that, she makes a whole ass of herself in front of the CEO, Danny.

Danny Michael Davis (Noah Weisberg) waiting for Zoey's part of the Chirp pitch.
Danny Michael Davis (Noah Weisberg)

But, luckily for Zoey, Danny is a weird guy, and between Zoey’s presentation, the product, and Max joining in to save her behind, she keeps her job and helps secure funding. Though, before she moves on, she does note to both Leif and Joan, she saw them kiss. Leading to both making it clear they are going to continue what is going on.

There Are My Confessions: Zoey, Max, Simon

Alongside her song and dance during the presentation, and performing for Joan and Leif to reveal she saw them kiss, Zoey confesses her feelings to Max and Simon. Which, for Max, got him giddy and made him happy he came to Zoey’s rescue during her presentation performance. However, with her also confessing to Simon led to him having his usual fits about Zoey not liking him and only him.

An issue that might be handled at another time because Simon kissing Zoey is a way bigger deal. Especially since Zoey wants Simon, but he is unavailable. But with that kiss, things become massively complicated, and with Zoey confessing to Max what is going on with her dad, that leaves him on the hook.

Simon and Zoey Kissing.

Thus putting Zoey in the middle of a love triangle.

Weeks To Live: Zoey, Mitch

One which couldn’t have worst timing since the big-time stressor, what probably triggered all the song and dance numbers above, it is being told Mitch has weeks to live. The medication that was supposed to slow things down is no longer working, and Mitch is at that point where he needs to talk about what’s coming. A conversation Zoey doesn’t want to have for that would make things final, and she isn’t ready to accept her dad is going to die.


Zoey Getting In On The Song And Dance Action

Being that it is Zoey’s power, she hasn’t gotten to be part of the action. She has watched in shock, sometimes awe, but hasn’t gotten to really express all the suppressed emotions we know she has. Leaving you to hope, and wonder, will we see Zoey dance again? Heck, considering we saw duets from Emily and David, could there be a mash-up of songs in the future? After all, this episode really opened up new ways the show can have numbers, and the sky has truly become the limit.

Zoey’s Feelings Being Out There

With that all said, while I hate the idea of a love triangle, since they are so tired and seem to populate damn near every show, especially if the lead is a woman, at least there are no secrets now. Simon knows Zoey has feelings for him, and Max knows as well. Now, could things end up like many online say, where Zoey and Simon get together, burn out, and then she ends up with Max? Maybe. After all, isn’t that what usually happens? The lead goes for the one who burns hot, and then when that fizzles out, they go to the one who has always been on standby?

Zoey singing to Max.

The Need To Question What Will Ultimately Happen To Mitch

With it being noted Mitch has weeks to live and weeks are passing between episodes, so comes the pressing need to address if Mitch is going to die at the end of the season. Network TV show get cancelled all the time and between licensing and dance numbers, who knows how much this show costs and whether it is a big enough hit for a season 2.

Low Point

So, About Emily’s Baby Shower…

I increasingly find myself wondering if David and Emily seemed like good ideas in the planning stages, but as things were executed, they realize there isn’t really a place for them on this show. Think about it, David and Emily’s issues with David becoming a dad, and not being supportive, have gone to the wayside, and the sole mention was in one or two sentences. Now there is her baby shower which should have been amongst Zoey’s stressors, yet it didn’t even get used as a factor for her going crazy.

Which leaves me to wonder, will it pick up next week, since I’m sure even if Emily doesn’t want a baby shower, her family, and David’s, likely do? Unless we’re just going to be given reminders Emily exists, but not see her. Just as much as we may see David, but only for a handful of scenes to remind us he didn’t run off somewhere.


Such a wasted opportunity. How can you have Zoey expressing herself through music and Mo not be around? Can you imagine his analysis, the shade, maybe joining in like Max did, perhaps to try to have a duet? Alex Newell is a “Glee” alumni, so moving about as Jane Levy did shouldn’t be nothing. So why in the world wasn’t Mo around deserves real answers!

Zoey Getting In On The Song And Dance Action - 85%
Zoey’s Feelings Being Out There - 84%
The Need To Question What Will Ultimately Happen To Mitch - 86%
So, About Emily’s Baby Shower… - 64%


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  1. Your point about Simon being engaged is an excellent one!! I kind of forgot that when he sang “Should I Stay or Should I Go” to Zoey, but you are 100% correct! So while he is really cool, being engaged is a huge deal-breaker, so the writers should end the triangle trope now. As far as Max is concerned, he took a song I have always disliked, “I Will Walk 500 Miles”, and sang that really well for Zoey. And then his helping Zoey with the presentation (with the song “Pressure”) was sooo sweet! And when Zoey sang “I’m Your’s” (I think that’s what it was called) to Max, I was hooked on having Max in this triangle, which I no longer want to be a triangle. Yes, Max is immature, but the things I’ve listed have helped me overlook his immaturity. Plus, this show is kind of like a musical rom-com to me.

  2. I’m so glad to see you are still doing Recap/Reviews for Zoey’s EP! For some reason I had trouble finding one for an earlier episode (I think episode 4 or 5), so I gave up. But then on a whim I decided to check again because I loved, loved this episode and wanted to know what you thought. I guess you didn’t quite love, love it. I get your point about no Mo. I did notice his absence, too. But the rest of the episode was so much fun! And Jane Levy, (that’s who play’s Zoey, right?) is just amazing! And I was just fine with no Emily or David. There isn’t room for them. They are like Claire and Morgan’s friends on The Good Doctor – just no room for them :)! And I don’t mind the overused, annoying love triangle trope because both guys are awesome! And Joan didn’t sing, which was fine with me because I still can’t wrap my head around Lauren Graham singing. I don’t know why. Anyway, I keep waiting for this show to have an episode that is just “pretty good”, but it hasn’t yet, in my opinion.

    1. Yup, Jane Levy plays her.

      I think my issue with the love triangle is just that neither guy is in the right frame of mind to be with Zoey. Simon is engaged and his relationship with Zoey dealt with being able to open up to her about his dad. Then with Max, I just can’t deal with his immaturity and how possessive he sometimes seems. If not under this idea that things should magically come together between him and Zoey like they are in a romantic comedy.

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