Jessica and Simon Rose Wall on fire.

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While Simon’s engagement party was supposed to be a happy occasion, everything that could go wrong that night did.

Directed By Rose Troche
Written By Lindsey Rosin
Aired (NBC) 3/15/2020
Introduced This Episode
Jessica India de Beaufort
Eddie Patrick Ortiz
Paul John Ralston

A Sign Of The Day To Come: Autumn, Max

Because Max seems to be terribly naïve, he thinks he can walk into Autumn’s job, be casual, friendly, and Autumn is just going to roll back all her emotional investment like it was nothing. He was so wrong. Hence her being nasty not only to him but a big unfriendly to other customers as well.

When It All Began, We Were Having So Much Fun: Joan, Zoey, Max, Mo, Eddie, Paul, Mitch

And with Mo seeing what went down, or what was about to when Max decided he might go for another wrong, they decide to redirect Max and give them a makeover. One which makes Max look older, sophisticated, and possibly able to pull someone. Though, when he and Mo go to Simon’s party, there is less focus on Max finding someone new, and more so Max being Mo’s wingman. Thus leading to one of Jessica’s friends, Eddie, getting paired up with Mo.

Eddie (Patrick Ortiz) introducing himself
Eddie (Patrick Ortiz)

As for what everyone else was doing? Well, Mitch’s womanizing friend, at least in the old days, Paul, is watching him while Maggie goes out and speaking of going out, Joan does that with Zoey. Why? Well, she just got her divorced papers signed and wants to go out, and being that Zoey is the only one she feels is any semblance of a friend, she is the lucky winner!

The Silver Lining To A Terrible Day/ Night: Max, Zoey, Joan, Leif, Jessica, Simon, Mitch, Maggie, Paul

But what starts off as a night between women becomes Joan deciding to spend time with the boys at Simon’s engagement party to prove she can be as fun around them as she is with Zoey. This forces Zoey to go to Simon’s party, and that is when things go south. How? Well, for one, Zoey and Joan separate, and Leif finds himself spending time with Joan and accidentally pitching her idea for the company’s next product – thus bringing them closer.

However, that is something to worry about later, the thing to worry about now is while Maggie and Zoey talk about Simon showing up at Zoey’s house, Jessica overhears this and causes a scene. One that explodes with Zoey accidentally lighting up the rose wall Maggie made, partly due to being drunk.

It doesn’t end there, though! Mitch, due to his friend Paul being unable to get him upstairs, falls and ends up in a back brace. Luckily, Max is there to both get Zoey to the hospital, and console her, but with him doing that, and his breakup with Autumn, so comes those old feeling roaring back. Now, as for whether they are one-sided? We’ll have to wait and see.

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. Isn’t it weird that David and Emily weren’t seen at all after Mitch fell? That is his dad, her father in law, and him falling could have been the end – maybe.


The Simon x Jessica x Zoey Thing Didn’t Get Dragged Out

Jessica (India de Beaufort) coming to Zoey's job.
Jessica (India de Beaufort)

After nearly kissing, there was a need to wonder, “How long until Simon officially cheats or Jessica finds out?” Well, rather than dragging that out, Jessica learns this episode and acts as you would expect. Which, in some ways, is unfortunate, since Jessica is written to be this woman who is jealous of any who could be a threat, and yet she doesn’t see Zoey one at all. And in many ways, if we just focused on Jessica, she would be something to put in the “Low Point” section just due to her seeming above being vain but surely not as complex as most women on this show seem.

Mo May Have A Man!

While Mo makes it clear they are not necessarily longing for a warm body, as for someone to be in a relationship with? Totally different story. So even with the Jessica issue, and Mo and Zoey being friends, it should be interesting to watch what Mo is like in a relationship, and how their relationship with Zoey is affected by her no longer being a distraction or Mo’s personal entertainment.

Low Point

So, Where Was David and Emily?

All I’m going to say is, considering how mushy David is, the fact he wasn’t around when his dad got home is why it took us until halfway through the season to fully recognize him as a character on this show. For similar to Jessica, they existed before we said they were “Introduced,” but seemed so unimportant that they could come and go without fanfare.

This was just another clear example of how David and Emily seem like characters who should have been dropped after the pilot.

On The Fence


Paul (John Ralston) spending time with Mitch.
Paul (John Ralston)

The main issue with Paul is that him coming out as a ho being the only memory he left behind. As for his relationship with Mitch, it is established they are friends, but with him just now seeing Mitch and his reaction, it makes you raise an eyebrow. One that makes you wonder, all things considered, wouldn’t it have been better for David to have been with his dad? Heck, even add Emily so the show could continue the issue they are having in regards to David adjusting to the idea of fatherhood on the horizon?

Leif & Joan Collaborating

Joan has been isolated and saw the men she hired as backstabbing and entitled, since likely her husband and other men, presented themselves as such. But, if Leif can prove himself to not be as Joan perceived him to be, that could take away Zoey’s edge. For alongside being brilliant, what allowed Zoey a handful of privileges was comradery.

This leads you to question, even though Zoey being a fellow woman in tech will give her an edge, with her not pitching a new product, possibly at all, what could this mean for Leif’s position at the company? Especially if Joan thinks more with her wallet than… female solidarity.

Mitch’s Injury

Considering Mitch has a degenerative disease, he is bound to die. It’s sad to say, and also a bit callous, but true. So seeing him get injured feels like a reminder that, sooner or later, perhaps one of the best dancers and singers on the show could be axed. Thus causing a bittersweet thought.

Mitch’s Injury - 76%
Leif & Joan Collaborating - 75%
Paul - 70%
So, Where Was David and Emily? - 65%
Mo May Have A Man! - 80%
The Simon x Jessica x Zoey Thing Didn’t Get Dragged Out - 85%


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