Simon looking at Zoey like she is a snack.

With Emily and David’s relationship on the rocks, will this lead to Zoey distancing herself more from Simon or bringing him closer?

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With Emily and David’s relationship on the rocks, will this lead to Zoey distancing herself more from Simon or bringing him closer?

Directed By

Darnell Martin

Written By

Jack Kenny

Austin Winsberg

Aired (NBC)


Introduced This Episode


Andrew Leeds


Alice Lee

 Plot/ Recap

Two Lawyers Get Into A Marriage: David, Emily, Zoey

What happens when a soft-hearted public defender, David, gets with a corporate attorney, Emily? Well, they make an odd match. Hence why, as David has anxiety about having a son who might be just like him, or the opposite, there is a fear of them going through all they did. Which, of course, he doesn’t express to Emily knowing that she isn’t necessarily into feelings like that. Heck, from what David tells us, he had to convince his with to have a child since she originally didn’t want one.

David (Andrew Leeds) and Emily (Alice Lee) in a song and dance number.
David (Andrew Leeds) and Emily (Alice Lee)

But with them having a duet, that means Zoey feels she must get involved, and then comes a few issues.

  1. Zoey doesn’t have a relationship with Emily, so them talking about feelings and what’s going on in the marriage, terrible idea.
  2. David, while closer to Zoey, is hiding the fact he is avoiding responsibilities to deal with all that is going on.

This combination makes it so Zoey ends up confronting her brother, and that goes nowhere, and she follows this by telling Emily everything and causing more issues. Making the whole situation left unresolved.

Continuing A Business As Me vs. We: Mitch, Maggie

Maggie and Mitch had a business in which she was the creative side, he the business, so helping Simon with his wedding, and getting back into the groove, it leaves her feeling guilty. But, with some aide from Zoey, and Mitch giving a beep, Maggie seems ready to get back into the work-life she so dearly misses.

Constructive Criticism Is Still Criticism: Leif, Autumn, Max, Joan, Zoey

An anonymous peer review was done, and while some of the criticism people just hunch over, Leif takes it pretty hard. Though considering Joan wrote hers, if not all of them, naturally, they were going to be pretty harsh. However, with Leif, it is devastating and leaves him a shell of a man, until he comes to the belief Zoey wrote his review, which leaves him perfectly fine.

However, with Max, his review triggers him to break up with Autumn. Why? Well, with it being pushed he skates by and doesn’t take initiative, he fears that, with Autumn, whose bohemian-esque ways he isn’t fond of, he is just going through the motions. The kind which, with her talking about meeting her family, he can foresee a journey that leads him to being her husband and unhappy about it. So, he ends it and tries to tell Zoey the same day, but she has someone who is a higher priority.

Can’t Steal Someone Who Is Asking To Be Taken: Simon, Zoey

Zoey and Simon close to one another, almost like they were about to kiss.

While Zoey isn’t trying to encroach on Simon’s relationship, there is the issue of her having feelings for Simon and Simon being vulnerable around her. Add in neither putting up the kind of boundaries which would limit what is said or done, and that makes the anniversary of Simon’s dad killing himself difficult for both.

When it comes to Zoey, it’s difficult since she wants to be there for Simon, yet also realizes things could easily get murky between them since he feels like he is seen when it comes to her. Also, with his fiancée not getting it, and her distractions not in tune with what would make Simon feel better, it makes the day of Simon’s dad dying a crossroad for Zoey and Simon. Specifically, after she talks him down from the idea he could have done anything, they almost kiss. A moment neither person is sure how to handle.

Review/ Commentary


Getting Some of Leif’s Background

While the show makes it clear it is specifically about Zoey, being that her co-workers have such an influence on her life and mood, what makes them tick is something to take an interest in. So learning Leif is the eldest son, but in many ways the least accomplished, it helps you understand why he is so aggressive and why he has an issue with Zoey. For while equally brilliant, he likely thinks his façade wins people over, and thus, with personality and brains, he should excel. However, Joan makes it clear she sees through the BS, and while Simon feels seen helps him excel, Leif being seen makes him feel exposed.

Leif looking down.

On The Fence

Zoey Getting With Simon

Zoey’s romantic prospects are both complicated in ways they probably shouldn’t be. With Max, she has the issue of him being a subordinate now, childhood friend, and while at one time seemingly jealous of Autumn, I’d submit she was more so jealous she didn’t have someone than her wanting Max. Then with this Simon situation, with him engaged and them connecting over his dad being dead and her dad dying, it is very messy.

Which isn’t to downplay how Zoey seems to get Simon but who is to say, between her power and her having her family’s sense of empathy, that isn’t just a natural talent? One that could make it so, while she may seem compatible with Simon, will this mean he is compatible with her? Since, at this point, we’ve seen Zoey do a lot for him, outside of their work relationship, but what has he done, besides being cute, to show he could make Zoey happy?

David and Emily’s Relationship

In a show often dealing with intense emotions, there is just something underwhelming about David and Emily’s relationship and their problems. Now, on the one hand, you have to appreciate Zoey failed with them since it pushes the idea that not everything will be episodic. Yet, considering Emily is still relatively unknown and David has presented himself as someone who exists but doesn’t need to be taken note of, it makes their marital problems as consequential as Autumn being broken up with. It is something that happened, that likely is going to be followed up on, but it isn’t a reason to watch this show.

Autumn Prepped To Move On So Quickly

Speaking of Autumn, while I get she is this odd flower child, her reaction to Max breaking up with her was odd. I mean, they had sex recently, went on a vacation together, she was about to introduce her family to him, so you’d think she would have been more hurt than she appeared. But, then again, Zoey wasn’t around for us to see how Autumn truly felt so maybe we’ll learn how Autumn is really doing the next time Zoey gets coffee?

Autumn Prepped To Move On So Quickly - 71%
David and Emily’s Relationship - 70%
Zoey Getting With Simon - 72%
Getting Some of Leif’s Background - 80%


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