In a season finale that could work as a series finale, it’s time to deal with something we’ve been long prepped for.

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In a season finale that could work as a series finale, it’s time to deal with something we’ve been long prepped for.

Directed By Adam Davidson, Jon Turteltaub
Written By Austin Winsberg
Aired (NBC) 5/3/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

As Confusing And Complicated As Ever – Max, Simon, Zoey

Both Simon and Max are still in the game for Zoey’s heart and between Zoey healing her relationship with Max, and making out with him, and Simon making it clear he still has feelings, things remain complicated. As for Zoey uncomplicating it? Well, let’s be honest – at this point, it seems Zoey liked how these guys presented her a distraction and taking note Zoey has made it seem she hasn’t dated in a while, the attention is probably nice. So making a choice isn’t likely.

A New Chapter – Joan, Danny, Zoey, Max

Oh, and as for Max losing his job? Well, Zoey did speak to Danny about Max getting his job back, and he was for it! But with Max getting a taste of the responsibility and power of being in a managerial position, he isn’t trying to take a step back and work under someone like Joan, toiling away for years and then someone like Zoey swoops in.

However, considering Danny seemingly has multiple federal violations, which could lead him to going to jail, and him asking Joan to take over, her position might open up. Meaning, Max may end up getting a promotion beyond what Ava gave him.

To Sir With Love – Mitch, Zoey

Zoey looking at the empty space her father used to sit.

Leaving one last thing: Mitch. Yes, he dies this episode, and it is a bittersweet thing. Bitter due to Mitch being such a lovable character who gave the show an emotional weight beyond Simon’s issues or anything else we’ve seen. However, it is sweet for a few reasons.

One, dragging out his sickness would have been cruel. We were told he was getting worse from the start, and to carry that into another season would be worth a side-eye. Also, whether this is a season finale or series finale, ending things with Mitch dying allows for some sense of closure. Maybe not when it comes to David and Emily, the love triangle, and more but, at the very least, Mitch’s death allowed the season to end with a period than an ellipsis.

Additional Thoughts or Information

  1. Mo and Eddie get back together.


The Tears That Flowed

We won’t pretend that we were crying to the point of dehydration because Mitch’s death was destined to happen. The only question presented was, when and why? So with his death not being due to an accident, yet still feeling fairly sudden, it knocks the wind out of you but doesn’t leave you a blubbering mess.

Zoey and Mitch dancing together.

At least until Zoey and he are dancing as he is leaving his body and you’re reminded how she is probably losing the most stable and loving relationship in her life. Which, be it Max or Simon, neither will ever compare.

On The Fence

I Can’t Be The Only One Who Was Expecting Emily To Give Birth Right?

Maybe I’m a bit too sappy, but I was fully expecting the night Mitch died to be the same Emily gave birth and David naming his son after his dad. It just seemed meant to be right? Granted, a bit corny and predictable, but “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” isn’t necessarily trying to tread new roads here. It’s fun, silly, romantic at times, on occasion serious as it talks about death, but it never tried to be groundbreaking. It tries to honor the various aspects that make musical theater a lucrative art form that many love. Despite the random dance numbers and characters who just seem stuck in a trope outside of one notable scene, or in this show’s case episode.

The Love Triangle Continues

We’re very much of the belief Zoey should be single but, since the writers think otherwise, it seems to me she should just openly date Max and Simon without exclusivity. Otherwise, like Autumn, likely she is going to get with Max, though more likely Simon, it’s going to be good for a while, and then something clicks. I can’t say what, but something will click, and next thing you know she goes to the other person.

And don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day I just want Zoey happy. It’s just, if this gets another season, we need to see Simon and Max, as well as their relationship with Zoey, evolve. It can be all about Simon’s trauma, it needs to be about Zoey’s. And as for Max, he has to deal with the fact Zoey can like him and other people as well. Zoey may not talk to many guys and isn’t approached left and right, but this doesn’t mean she is ready to settle down and follow her parents’ footsteps just yet.

Also, while, yes, he is a good guy, he can’t rest on the idea of being a good guy means he should get the girl. Doing what a good person would do is the basics, and he needs to recognize that. Which, in him calling and talking to Simon, it seems it is getting through his ego that Zoey doesn’t belong to him or owes him anything. She is a person who, whether she chooses him or not, his goal should be her being happy with whoever and that decision. Meaning, not throwing away a friendship since you thought that would be the easiest road to end up dating her.

The Tears That Flowed - 84%
I Can’t Be The Only One Who Was Expecting Emily To Give Birth Right? - 75%
The Love Triangle Continues - 74%


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  1. I totally agree that they would not give Max a job at another company. Too much money, like you wrote. Plus, Max would be interacting with but not singing to a bunch of people that aren’t Zoey, so nobody would care.

    CBS just announced 27 (I think) shows that got cancelled or renewed. Hopefully we find out about Zoey’s EP soon. My fingers are crossed, too!

  2. While I am on Team Max, you make a very good argument for keeping the love triangle going next season (and I really, really hope there is a next season!). So much so that if Simon and Max can handle it without singing “Bye, Bye, Bye” to Zoey, or any other mean song, then I will go with it, too. Although Simon singing “Jealous” was really good because he is just an amazing performer!

    I didn’t catch where Max was getting Joan’s old job. I figured Zoey would get Joan’s job and Max would get Zoey’s old job. But you’re probably right.

    Speaking of being right, I completely agree with you that Mitch dying at the end of the season, in this episode, was very sad but the right time. To drag it out into next season would have been wrong. I’m not sure if we’ll see Howie again (and that’s too bad), but I hope Mitch will reappear in flashbacks or something like that. But to drag out his illness would have been cruel and a really crummy storyline!

    1. They didn’t say Max is getting Joan’s job but it would make sense to me. I can’t imagine them increasing the budget so he can work somewhere else. The show isn’t a runaway hit so it might be hard to justify. Especially since NBC, as many companies, probably needs hits.

      However, considering NBC isn’t against giving shows time to grow, fingers crossed, max getting Joan’s job or not, this gets a second season.

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