Candace caught breaking into Joe's apartment by Love and trying to save face.
Candace: His name's not Will.

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A private investigator is put on Candace by Love, and this leads to her scrambling so that she can get her revenge.

Directed By Meera Menon
Written By Adria Lang
Aired (Netflix) 12/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
James Daniel Durant

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Synopsis

With Henderson dead, this sends Delilah down a rabbit hole as she doubles down on exposing him and all those involved with his cover-up. A task that consumes her to the point of frustrating Ellie and her asking Joe to get involved. Which he does, and this leads to him sleeping with Delilah.

Now, how could that happen with him very much in wolf with Love? Well, in the pursuit of learning the truth about Amy, she comes to discover Candace and the truth about Joe. Which he admits to, minus killing Beck and things of that nature.

That information, lucky for him, is believable based off things he has said in the past, Candace’s record, and how unhinged she seems. But, with being lied to comes Love deciding she needs to end things with Joe for lies were part of her relationship with James, and it ruined their relationship. Especially during the time period she wanted a child and James said no for he didn’t want Ray and Dottie financing his and Love’s future. Thus pushing the idea Love will always be dependent on her parents and they are eternally her golden parachute – a statement Love finds very insulting.

But, lucky for Joe, between his Delilah tryst, which came purely from her feeling vulnerable and Joe saying the right things in the moment, and Forty willing to go to bat for him, things could be looking up. Granted, Forty is adapting Beck’s book and with that comes whoever holds the rights and more people Joe might have thought he left in New York. Yet, there is always the chance that Joe telling the truth could mean being in Forty’s orbit could give him what he needs to stay on Love’s mind. Maybe even win her back by being there for her Achilles heel.


On The Fence

Joe and Delilah Having Sex

Um, so you’re telling me the guy she has long seen as a creep, one that she even thought could be preying on her less than 18-year-old sister, she slept with? I get she wanted to feel good, was in need of a win and all that, but this seems like quite the 180 for someone who clocked Joe without having more than a few conversations.

Is Candace Really Gone?

Did Candace really present a good threat to Joe’s person? Not really. She lacked the ability to take him down and seemingly planned on waiting around to watch him eventually fail. Yet, when that wasn’t happening soon enough, it seemed she venture to find her own evidence to hasten the process and ended up caught by Love who somehow got into Joe’s apartment.

And with a few threats and money sending Candace away, will this mean she is truly gone or now has money to more easily watch Joe without having to cozy up to Forty? Only time will tell.

Getting To Know James – Barely

James (Daniel Durant) talking to Love.
James (Daniel Durant)

What do we know about James? He is Love’s ex, he is deaf, and he died of an illness. What was the illness, how did Love meet him, what did her parents think? This information is limited. Heck, even what Forty thought of him isn’t gone into. So, was a proper introduction just to put out there how sensitive Love is about being lied to and being seen as a poor little rich girl?

Joe and Love Breakup

Was it bound to happen? Yes. After all, one of the genres which fit “You” is romance and so we have to see the rise and screw up before the reconciliation. The only thing left to wonder if how will Love and Joe reconcile and whether, like with Beck, the reconciliation will precede her learning too much.

Think about it, Joe is still renting that storage unit with that nice big glass prison. Surely it isn’t going to go empty for far too much longer.

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Joe and Love Breakup - 75%
Getting To Know James – Barely - 70%
Is Candace Really Gone? - 74%
Joe and Delilah Having Sex - 71%


Trajectory – Plateau: With Candace possibly gone, Love and Joe on ice, and Joe having sex with Delilah, it was a weird episode. Add in James popping in and not having much in the way of impact, so comes the question if the momentum might be dying down?

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