In the first four episodes of You From Brooklyn, it may seem like this is a Black version of the Netflix series, but that’s just a jump-off point.

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In the first four episodes of You From Brooklyn, it may seem like this is a Black version of the Netflix series, but that’s just a jump-off point.

Director(s) Karl Lunsford
Writer(s) Tanair Gaines, Karl Lunsford
Aired (YouTube) 2020
Introduced This Episode
Josiah Malak Lundsford
Mercedes Alexa Leighton
Saquon Karl Lunsford
Nakea Nicolette Ellis

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Josiah is a young man with a job at a local grocery store in Brooklyn, just enjoying the views his job affords him of the finest ladies around. However, one woman, Mercedes, catches his eyes, and the way she wears her pants puts him at attention.

Mercedes (Alexa Leighton) smiling at Josiah
Mercedes (Alexa Leighton)

But, when the series begins, she got a man name Saquon. Someone who later is revealed to possibly be a dog and, while they are on break, or break up, Josiah slides in, and next thing you know, he is quarantining with Mercedes. She even falls for Josiah since, even if he doesn’t have the best job, he is stable and, unlike her, he does have his own place.

Though with realizing how thirsty some girls can be, like Nakea, at his job, insecurities born from dealing with Saquon could mean trouble.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. It is assumed Mercedes has kids, in episode one, due to her buying diapers. We don’t see or hear about any kids past the first episode so, what was up with that purchase?



Listening To The Thoughts of Josiah and Mercedes

While the show did tone down Josiah being a creep, hearing his thoughts are perhaps better than any dialog actually said. Be it him lusting over Mercedes, looking at her neighborhood and having second thoughts, or even when he shades the hell out of her for having a hazmat suit in episode 3. It brings a fun angle to what we originally saw in You and evolves it in a way to make it so, rather than be an outright creep, of the dangerous kind, Josiah becomes a creep like how some, likely harmless, guys are.

Josiah (Malak Lundsford) stalking Mercedes
Josiah (Malak Lundsford)

And can we add, it is also enjoyable to hear Mercedes’ thoughts as well. Mind you, it is only a real thing in episode 3, but it could evolve. One of the reasons we hope so is just getting her perspective on all that Josiah is doing and whether it is working or not? Add in she is getting over a past relationship, and it makes you feel connected to the characters.

I’d even add it furthers your investment in the relationship.

So Many Comical Moments

From the aforementioned hazmat suit situation to Josiah about to eat Mercedes out with a face mask – there are so many comical moments.

You’re Always Left Wanting More

Which ultimately leaves you wanting more. There are month-long gaps for many web series, and while that notification bell always means excitement, waiting for the next entry can be challenging as hell.


You're Always Left Wanting More - 85%
So Many Comical Moments - 84%
Listening To The Thoughts of Josiah and Mercedes - 87%


You From Brooklyn makes you hope that, like Awkward Black Girl, when the creator makes it to that next level, rather than make something new, they revamp how this show could be if they had a budg

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