You From Brooklyn presses forward with there being trouble in paradise and a familiar face using that to make a move – with some assistance.

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You From Brooklyn presses forward with there being trouble in paradise and a familiar face using that to make a move – with some assistance.

Director(s) Karl Lunsford
Writer(s) Karl Lunsford, William Sheffey
Aired (YouTube) 12/15/2020
Introduced This Episode
Kiana Yvette (Yaya) Williams

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It Was All Good Just Ten Months Ago – Josiah, Mercedes

Nakea really did mess up a good thing. Mercedes and Josiah exchanged that they love each other, went on dates, and he was really encouraging for her. But, fast forward, and now it seems they have broken up, and it’s all because Josiah thinks Mercedes is possessive and ready to cut him for looking at another girl. Also, after Saquon, it seems Mercedes believes all she attracts is trash men.

F*** Them N***** – Kiana, Mercedes

But what doesn’t help is her best friend Kiana, who seemingly didn’t like Josiah, for she is ready to dog him! Though, on a more positive tip, it seems that the job interview panned out since Mercedes is now a security guard. So maybe that possessiveness and ready to pull a blade on someone, at a moment’s notice, can be put to use.

Kiana (Yvette 'Yaya' Williams) trying to get Mercedes to lighten up
Kiana (Yvette ‘Yaya’ Williams)

We Moving On Or Nah? – Josiah, Nakea, Mercedes, Saquon, Kiana

So with Josiah and Mercedes either broken up or on a break, Josiah is trying to move on. He even calls Nakea and hangs out, which ends up being a mixed bag at times. Yeah, she cute, but she is into astrology, and while not against how aggressive she is, it is an adjustment for Josiah.

However, what he wasn’t expecting is Saquon to appear and see him with Nakea. This is perhaps all he needed to see to make a real effort to get Mercedes back. Though, with Kiana helping him square in on Mercedes, he does get some help. But with being in a vulnerable spot, Mercedes seems to fall for Saquon saying he changed and that he loves her.



This Episode Really Gives You An Idea What A Series Would Look Like

I crave more. I seriously crave to see what is going to go down when it comes to Mercedes and Saquon and whether this show has truly departed from what it was either inspired by or used to jump off. Because, while Nakea is cute, she doesn’t seem like she will last, and Josiah outright said he still has feelings for Mercedes – what woman wants to hear that or could easily get past it? And as the thoughts build up, it makes not knowing when the next episode will come so frustrating.

On The Fence

That 10 Month Gap

In the episode, it is revealed that from cute couple going on dates to broken up, it has been 10 months. I don’t know about you, but a part of me wishes that we got to see all that happened up until the breakup. That includes the jealousy, the fights, and the lovey-dovey moments. For I don’t think we have enough urban dramas, assuming You From Brooklyn qualifies as one, maybe a dramedy, which focuses on everyday people in an urban environment.

Mercedes talking to Saquon

Especially those who aren’t in the drug game, are sex workers, or anything like that. This isn’t to say they aren’t part of the community, but it seems there is more of a focus on the extremes than how people without those lifestyles have compelling drama as well.


This Episode Really Gives You An Idea What A Series Would Look Like - 85%
That 10 Month Gap - 78%


With Saquon returning from wherever he is, and Josiah may be moving on, so comes the question if You From Brooklyn is going to tap into what it seemed to be based on or if we're at the point of breaking away and being something new.

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