Between the past and the present, someone gets killed. But whether it is because they know too much or Misty? Well…

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Between the past and the present, someone gets killed. But whether it is because they know too much or Misty? Well…

Aired 1/9/2022
Network Showtime
Directed By Daisy Von Scherler Mayer
Written By Ameni Rozsa, Sarah L. Thompson


Traitor – Adam, Jeff, Shauna

All signs pointed to Adam. He was someone new in Shauna’s life, whose appearance coincided with the blackmail, and he did cause the accident in Shauna’s mind. Also, he had a book about the Yellowjackets, and it all seemed to make sense. But Adam wasn’t the blackmailer; it was Jeff.

With the store truly being in trouble and unable to compete against its purely online competitor, the business was losing money and in the toilet. So blackmailing Taissa and Natalie (Misty isn’t mentioned) seemed like a way to make some money. After all, Jeff has long read Shauna’s journals so he knows what happened. But, while he paid off the loan sharks, including Bianca, the woman we saw him with at the hotel, what Jeff wasn’t doing was having an affair.

Jeff dealing with Shauna confessing to having an affair

This all is a shock to Shauna. Be it the loan, not having an affair, and him knowing her story. Yet, it isn’t as shocking as her revealing that she is the only one who had an affair in that marriage and that she killed Adam. Which, with Jeff genuinely loving Shauna, even though they did go through a rough patch, he is really to fall on the sword for her. But, with Shauna smart enough to know that wouldn’t end well, it is agreed to just have Taissa and Natalie think Adam was the blackmailer and cover for Jeff.

No One Belongs To Anyone When You’re High – Misty, Ben, Natalie, Shauna, Jackie, Van, Taissa, Charlotte, Mari, Akilah

At this point, hope is lost, food now is worms from a deer’s carcass, and Jackie just refuses to eat anything. Which is why, when Mari mentions having some fermented berries, Jackie is down for a party to lift spirits and while Taissa tries to be a Debbie Downer, she gets outvoted and, once again, one of Jackie’s plans to have a party gets to happen.

But, like the last time, which was a séance, things go awry. It all begins with Misty trying to drug Ben so he will drop his boundaries and be intimate with her, but with Mari putting the mushrooms into a soup for everyone, the whole group – sans Jackie, gets high.

This has some good consequences. Natalie opens up to Ben about loving Travis, and after coming out while sober, Van and Taissa get to enjoy each other openly. As for Travis? The shrooms might have helped with his sex anxiety.

Jackie and Travis after having sex

However, there are more bad things than good things which come from this. Misty tries to have sex with Ben, and between her trying to assault him and him being high, he comes out to her. This is something that we don’t know the reaction of, beyond shock, since Ben doesn’t return to the cabin by the end of the episode. Alongside that, Travis has sex with Jackie due to Jackie being sober and not wanting to die a virgin. But, with having sex with Travis, and everyone on drugs, so comes Charlotte, Mari, Akilah, and Shauna hunting those two down, confronting Jackie, locking her up in the closet, which goes to the attic, and making it appear Travis is about to be part of a orgy.

That is until it goes from something carnal, sexually, to carnal, in a way that leans towards cannibalism. Now, why were they about to go after Travis like that? Well, when worms and mushroom soup are the meals you have had, and you see a boy with vitality and meat, and you are on shrooms? Well, he looks like a stag that needs to be bled out and prepared for food.

Luckily, Natalie stops all this, and Shauna comes to her senses before she slits Travis’ throat. But when it comes to Charlotte, it seems the tolerance many had before may have dried up.

Just Like Old Times – Misty, Jessica, Shauna, Taissa, Natalie

Shauna sells the story to Taissa and Natalie about Adam being the blackmailer, and while Taissa is just shocked, Natalie is mad since she thought the blackmailer and who killed Travis could be one and the same. However, with Jeff being the blackmailer, it likely isn’t. But with bringing Natalie and Taissa into the room, not they are involved, and it couldn’t be a worst day – it’s election day for Taissa.

So, amongst them, there is a question of what to do next, and the only option is Misty. Someone who, at this point, has gone from manipulator to manipulated since Jessica is now one of the most consistent people in Misty’s life and can coax her into the idea of revealing the story everyone has wanted to know.

However, with Natalie showing up, giving a genuine apology, and making Misty feel needed to get rid of a body? What surely is seen as a bonding activity in her mind, it seems plans to expose everyone will be put on hold for the band is getting back together!

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What did Misty do after Ben came out to her?
  2. When it comes to the books and articles about the Yellowjackets, what is known?
  3. Could Misty drugging everyone, again, be what later leads to cannibalism?
  4. Will the next episode have election results for Taissa, or will they wait until season two to note if she won?
  5. How did Taissa and Simone get married 15 years ago when New Jersey didn’t pass a law allowing for gay marriage until 2013, and the United States legalized it in 2015? Did she mean a civil union?
  6. Is Charlotte ever going to reveal she needs medication?
  7. Did Travis use a condom when he had sex with Jackie?
  8. Who are these new girls we saw in this episode? Are they more JV players?

What Could Happen Next

  1. With the high school reunion being the next episode, here is hoping we get to see which Yellowjackets lived and which died.
  2. Misty showing us she knows how to get rid of a body and while not being surprised, also it being clear Jessica’s days are numbered
  3. After getting an apology from Natalie, Misty wanting one from Taissa due to Jessica
  4. Jeff and Shauna’s marriage regaining its spark
  5. Kevyn getting involved with Adam’s murder investigation
  6. Javi being the one who killed his brother and us seeing that, while everyone is hanging on in their own way, he completely lost it
  7. Maybe learning Bambi and her team were involved in Travis’ death? Hence the emptied and closed bank account? Who knows, maybe Javi owed them money and Travis was collateral damage?
  8. Hopefully we’ll learn something notable about the symbol, since it seems we haven’t seen it in a while, and it still remains a mystery.



Adam’s Death Felt Notable

Adam is the first notable death of the season, of which we know how it happened. Jackie, technically, was the first, but with us not knowing if she died of starvation, cannibalism, or maybe a disease after returning home, her death has lingered about but is in the same box as the symbol. Meaning, we know they’ll get around to it eventually, but it isn’t clear when.

But, with seeing Adam murdered and Shauna having flashbacks of her younger self, it does push you to wonder if she killed someone like this before? Also, if so, who was it? Could it have been Charlotte, Jackie, maybe Mari, or Akilah? Heck, considering we haven’t seen Javi yet, did she maybe stab him?

It isn’t clear why Shauna’s younger self kept flashing in the scene, but clearly, Shauna was triggered, and we can only hope this isn’t yet another moment we’ll have to wait on to get the full details.

Jeff’s Love For Shauna

Could Jeff be telling an elaborate lie? Yes. Adam lied to Shauna, and she believed it, so who is to say Jeff’s story about owing loan sharks and Bianca being some terrifying enforcer vs. his mistress couldn’t have been a lie? Yet, a part of us wants to believe he really didn’t cheat on Shauna, was in debt, and this love he shows for her is real. Mainly since it rewrites Jeff’s narrative and helps him escape the stereotype of the husband of a lead character, on a female-focused show, being a womanizer.

Also, it is just romantic, and when it comes to the adults, romance is in short supply. Simone and Taissa aren’t on their way to divorce, but she does make it seem her asking her to move out for a bit has hit her hard. Natalie got rid of Kevyn when he was asking too many questions, and Misty? It seems she has used the “I know I’m not pretty” card her whole life to guilt men into giving her a chance.

Jeff noting the history of his and Shauna's relationship

So for Shauna to have a husband who would go beyond to keep them afloat, alongside has read all she did in the wilderness, who knows how long ago, and remained by her side? Never mind is willing to go to jail for her, even after learning she had an affair? As much as you have to recognize, as Jeff admits, their marriage, their whole relationship, is built on holding each other’s secrets, him being willing to take one for the team like that is beyond what I’d ever imagine from Jeff.

The First Sign Of Desperation For A Lot Of The Ladies In 1996

Whether it is Jackie discarding the idea sex needs to be special or the carnal desires of the ladies likely being horny crossing wires with their desire to eat meat, desperation was intense in 1996. Yet, it is really our first taste (no pun intended) of understanding the breakdown in everyone’s minds. Jackie hasn’t eaten in days and seems to be shifting to the mindset that they will never be rescued and will die out there. So, with her saying that, what would killing someone else or cannibalism mean to her?

Then, when it comes to Shauna, Mari, Akilah, and Charlotte? Their combined trauma easily could have them snap. Shauna is dealing with being pregnant in the middle of nowhere, her best friend likely knowing her secret, and having gutted multiple animals in do-or-die situations. Mari and Akilah are perhaps days, if not weeks, from nearly getting mauled by wolves and Charlotte? Like everyone else, she is dealing with Laura Lee’s death, and lest we forget, she hasn’t been on medication for months, and it seems, alongside keeping her from having visions, the medication also helped her manage her emotions too.

So there is a need to question, when we likely saw Charlotte running, was she because she got voted to be eaten, or was her being eaten a punishment for possibly murdering someone? If not setting up Akilah, Mari, or someone else, under the impression of having a vision?

Misty Prepping To Breakdown

You have to feel bad for Misty sometimes. The niceties she saw other women have passed her by, and friendships are few and far between. Hence, Jessica nearly talked Misty into saying what happened during the 19 months in the woods. At this point, Jessica might be the only person Misty has consistently spoke to in her entire life. So even if Jessica is being held captive, she is behaving, is getting along with Misty’s bird, and filling the void Misty has struggled with for as long as she can remember.

Misty being asked to get rid of a dead body

But as shown by Natalie showing up, there is a difference between being chosen and taking what you can get and Natalie showing up, apologizing, and wanting something only Misty is capable of? That’s all she has ever really wanted, and we’re strangely glad she got it.

On The Fence

Feeling/Hoping They Are Holding A Lot Back For The Finale

I just want a grand finale. Some kind of hint on the symbol, the reunion leading to some people surprisingly being alive, maybe even well, and perhaps an idea on who killed Travis, or some kind of direction. At this point, don’t you feel strung along too? That every idea or theory didn’t line up with what you thought and the result was okay, but not the shock you needed or wanted?’

So, fingers crossed, let’s hope for the kind of finale that has answers, and when it comes to that inevitable cliffhanger, it isn’t something that makes you want to flip a table.

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Jackie saying they're all gonna die
Yellowjackets: Season 1/ Episode 9 “Doomcoming” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
In the penultimate episode of the season, we get a killing that seems to be meant to shut us up about throwaway deaths, and we get to see the ladies in 1996 have their first showing that they are capable of being cannibalistic. Add in folks coming out and Misty rejoining the fold in modern times, and while I wouldn't say we're overtly excited about the finale, we are hopeful it can deliver what we've long been waiting for.
Misty Prepping To Breakdown
The First Sign Of Desperation For A Lot Of The Ladies In 1996
Jeff's Love For Shauna
Adam's Death Felt Notable
Feeling/Hoping They Are Holding A Lot Back For The Finale

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  1. How did Jeff get the glitter to the bedroom?
    Adam doesn’t mention he sees Jeff pull in and out again, while he is waiting.
    And when Jeff does come home he doesn’t go to the closet, since Adam is in there.

  2. We see Misty return from the woods (after Ben comes out to her) with blood all over her face/around her mouth. We also see adult Misty heavily imply she returned from the woods with cannibalistic impulses in her basement with the reporter (she appears to be about to reveal this when adult Nat shows up at her door to apologize at the end of the episode). So, while we don’t know for certain, we as the audience are supposed to assume she attacked and chomped on Ben in a fit of rage after he comes out. Could be a misdirect, though.

    Overall crazy episode but not that surprising in terms of the situation out in the woods – we knew something had to give eventually in terms of them reaching cannibalism/physical violence. Also not surprising to see Loti leading the charge.

    As for modern day, I can’t believe Adam got killed off. What an abrupt end for a character who apparently was meaningless. Frustrating in hindsight that the show spent so much time on him – it was kind of obvious that he hadn’t been the one to do the blackmail/that it was actually Jeff, but I assumed we were going to find out he was the younger brother of Travis or that he was stalking Shawna, something. It was nice to see Shauna and Jeff actually talk out their situation. Jeff is a very unique character, he scored a lot of points with me coming out in defense of Shauna/revealing to Jackie’s parents that he’d been cheating on her with Shauna when they were dating. Melanie Lynskey is an absolute gem in any case (go see I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore if you haven’t already).

    The problem/danger with this show, in my mind, is descending into Lost territory – giving the audience the impression there is some greater mystery and the writers basically deciding to figure it out later. And/or having lots of filler plot that ultimately ties itself up (see also: Breaking Bad).

    Final note – it’s hilarious that Van’s face healed so well, she looks like she got a few deep scratches, not half her face ripped open (you could see her entire jaw!). Would be way more fun and fitting if she looked monstrous (since she’s presumably going to become an antagonist/hardcore cannibal), as it is, it’s ridiculous that she feels so self-conscious about her face.

    1. I get what you mean with Misty. A part of me thought it was from the drink Mari made, but it could be that as well.

      AND I AGREE ON VAN’S FACE! Misty’s red cross babysitting classes sure as hell couldn’t have been so good her face would have minimal scarring and, at worse, she looks like a Chucky doll with better stitching. In my mind, she should probably not even be healed that much at this point. But I am constantly confused by how much time moves between episodes, never mind in an episode. Like, should we consider it exactly 25 years later when it comes to the past and present, so with it being around election time in the present day, we should see it as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November?

      If so, there is NO WAY Van’s face could heal so dramatically since Halloween was just a few episodes ago in the present. at best, it has been a week and a half since she was attacked and makeshift bandages and stitching wouldn’t produce such a clean result.

    2. Misty’s mouth (looks like blood coming down from both corners) was from chugging the wine before the transition to the scene where they take off hunting for Jackie and Travis…

      Side note: I totally think Ty imagined the wolves and in reality just took off beating van with the ax in a sleep walking fit. Hence, why she tells her wife and son to leave before she hurts them.

      1. @Hooked we see the other girls fending off wolves when Van is attacked. Why would a sleepwalking Taissa attack Van? If she hit her in the head with an axe over and over again (as we see her doing to the wolf), Van wouldn’t have skin ripped off, she’d have brain damage and broken bones. So many reasons that theory is off the mark..

  3. I enjoyed your review and I am totally tired of watching this show because they are dragging it on without any suspense. But I am hoping to that they will have a grand finale. It it makes it to season 2 I will definitely not be watching it, though.

    1. The show has already been renewed, and honestly, a part of me wishes this was a miniseries since it would make the show tighter and likely pick up the pace.

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