As we get some minor but notable development with Charlotte, we begin to see and learn that Taissa is not all there, and Misty? Well, you already know.

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As we get some minor but notable development with Charlotte, we begin to see and learn that Taissa is not all there, and Misty? Well, you already know.

Aired 12/19/2021
Network Showtime
Directed By Bille Woodruff
Written By Chantelle M. Wells


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Everyone Likes A Secret, As Long As It Is Someone Else’s – Taissa, Van, Charlotte, Laura Lee, Natalie, Travis, Jackie, Shauna

For someone who doesn’t like drama, Taissa seems to seek it out. Whether it is wanting to keep her and Van’s relationship a secret, getting involved with Shauna, who pours her secrets into Taissa or getting involved in Natalie and Jackie’s beef, Taissa is in the middle of a lot. Almost to the point of her seeming like the leader of the group. But, while knowing about Shauna sleeping with Jeff and nearly helping her get an abortion isn’t necessarily currency, it might boost Taissa’s allies when it comes to looking for help.

Now, mind you, we’re maybe a few weeks after the plane crash, so it’s unlikely Taissa’s plan is going to work. However, what is worth noting is this episode does set up what potentially led to all the weird cult stuff. You see, since she was a child, Charlotte has had premonitions but, with her father uncomfortable with the idea, despite how her mother feels, she was sent to therapy and put on meds.

Charlotte and Laura Lee at Charlotte's makeshift baptism

But, with not being medicated for weeks now, Charlotte is starting to come undone, and the others notice. However, while most are ready to use the word “crazy” or just give Charlotte the side-eye, Laura Lee is willing to give a different approach. One that, as Charlotte seeks God, Laura Lee sees Charlotte’s visions as potential prophecies. The kind which could be sent by God!

We Could’ve Been Happy Once – Adam, Shauna, Jeff, Kevyn, Natalie, Taissa

Likely out of guilt, Shauna and Jeff go over Jackie’s parent’s house to celebrate her birthday, and this might be the last year. Why? Well, because neither Jeff nor Shauna seem willing to keep up the charade of being good people. Shauna is open about hating her kid, and Jeff reveals he cheated on Jackie with Shauna. This leads to a very awkward meal, but nothing is as awkward as Shauna still seeing Jackie, who comes off as a very bitter spirit.

Switching to Natalie, with Taissa unable to get the 50K asked for, Natalie sells her car, and Kevyn just so happens to pull up as she is on her way to the dealership. This leads to it being decided they’ll spend the day together, and Natalie even meets Kevyn’s son! Someone who plays soccer, and with seeing him play, it seems Natalie gets triggered. But rather than get weirded out, Kevyn gives Natalie grace, and it seems, between his kindness and understanding, it is decided sex should be on the table, or rather in Natalie’s bed.

Show Up As You Are – Jessica, Misty, Taissa, Simone, Sammy, Charlotte

Though Taissa has been the holder of secrets, it should be noted she has some of her own. Her failing marriage is one we were long privy to, as Simone is not too happy with Taissa’s 180 at her press conference or her lack of investment in Sammy. But, considering that Charlotte saw Taissa eating dirt in the past, and we’re led to believe the woman in the window Sammy has seen is Taissa, it seems the spirits she doesn’t see might be possessing her. Why? Well, that’s unknown, but it is clear that something is wrong there, and Taissa has no interest in exploring it.

This brings us to Misty. Now, while the ladies have put her in time out, she decides to make herself useful by drugging and kidnapping Jessica using drugs from her job. Now, it isn’t clear what the long-term plan is since releasing Jessica will surely cause trouble. However, based on previews, I fully expect we’ll be seeing torture scenes quite soon.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Things To Note

  • Yellowjackets got renewed for a second season

Question(s) Left Unanswered

A picture of Jackie on her birthday

  1. In that picture that Jackie’s parents have, was that before or after the accident since it looked like she was missing a hand of part of her arm.
  2. With Taissa being the woman in the window, what could this mean for the eyeless man we see?
  3. How slowly or quickly is time passing on this show? Are we mainly seeing 2 – 3 days at a time each episode? In the present day, we just passed Halloween, so election day should be around the corner, but it seems time moves faster in the past.
  4. With a second season confirmed, how long will we watch the girls in the wilderness, and, either one or two seasons down the line, how will they handle the girls returning to civilization?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Laura Lee, with Charlotte as her prophet, creating a sect amongst the group that is fanatical
  2. Misty killing Jessica
  3. Shauna bonding with Taissa, as she did in the past, about her affair
  4. Natalie perhaps making a real go at it with Kevyn?



The Awkward Birthday Brunch

Shauna’s dry humor, and the scenarios she is in, as an adult, I’m starting to believe might become a consistent highlight. We had her telling off Callie in the last episode, and now that whole scene with Jackie’s parents – featuring Jeff? I don’t know if this is a permanent lane for Shauna, but I hope she sticks with it.


Do we learn a notable amount of information about Charlotte? No. However, with learning she has had premonitions since childhood, and they were long suppressed by psychiatric drugs, she does bring some interest to herself. Then, with Laura Lee bringing a religious spin to it, that makes you wonder if Laura Lee and Charlotte might be the source of the cult stuff. Also, how deep will they bring the idea of Charlotte’s visions being based on God providing visions and the conversations that can come of that?

The Attempted Abortion Scene Was Intense

I don’t know why, but watching Shauna potentially use a bra wire to give herself an abortion had my body tighten up more than some of the most graphic horror movies I’ve ever seen. Whether it was the performance or the scenario, I don’t think anything beyond watching a graphic rape scene has ever made me so uncomfortable. Yet, considering how abortion rights are being threatened in places that probably need it the most, it is a very apt scene to release.

Natalie’s Past And Present Relationships

Natalie and Kevyn at Kevyn's son's soccer game

When it comes to most characters, I’m on a pendulum swing. One episode, I feel that their characters have lost their luster, are a blemish on the show, one-note, and then I’m praising them within one or two episodes later – I’ll admit it. Because of how strong of a role Travis plays in her storyline, Natalie is one of those characters who I have often been iffy about.

However, one of the things I’m learning to value about Natalie is that she seems to want to, or just be willing, to give people second chances and to allow them to redeem themselves. Misty is perhaps the biggest benefactor since I can’t imagine Taissa nor Shauna giving Misty so many chances. Yet, I think she gets it because Natalie has gone through slut shaming, isolation, and so many negative experiences. Misty acts out because she is desperate, and while Natalie’s desperation took her to picking up addictions, Misty’s made her unhinged and wanting to be useful, even if it calls for making a problem.

Then, relating this to Natalie’s romantic relationships, I think how she handled Travis, especially his insecurities with being a virgin, says a lot about the kind of grace she is willing to give. For I don’t see her continuing things with Travis because he was the only viable boy there. Rather, I think she so badly wants to believe that giving the benefit of the doubt won’t bite her in the ass, that she takes his vulnerability as him trying and appreciates him for doing so.

Hence why, when it comes to Kevyn, she loves that the same grace and second chances she has given people he extends to her. Thus them sleeping together. NOT AS A REWARD! But more so because, as Natalie says, she values sex and the experience of closeness, and Kevyn gives her the normalcy she so desperately needs.

I mean, just seeing Natalie give Kevyn’s son advice during his game seemed to give her fond memories, showed a skill she has that can be used in the everyday world and meant a lot to her. After all, what’s more vulnerable than a child, and what act of trust is greater than presenting someone you know this little person you are responsible for?

On The Fence


Do I appreciate the reveal she is the woman in the window? Yes. Am I glad that she is Shauna’s confidant in the past, and it helps inform us of their relationship in the present? Also, yes. However, one of the things I’m growing tired of is the lack of consistency in quality. Yes, we enjoy Taissa and feel like she’ll bounce back in the next episode from the high that was her political career heating up. However, I just want to be able to say, from episode to episode, I am completely interested and do not have to write off a storyline, like her marriage, as something we have to sit through, knowing things will be better next time.

Misty’s Crazy

It’s sad that Misty’s character only really has being crazy. Yes, it is made clear why she is that way, due to lack of friends, romantic pursuers, and having to work so hard for what she sees as normal. Yet, the whole kidnapping Jessica thing feels more about drama and giving viewers a reason to question how far she’ll go, rather than diversifying this character. Because, as likely noted before, the issue with Misty is she has to keep escalating the madness.

Which after a certain point, there is a need to acknowledge when a character is more so a catalyst for superficial and sensational things to happen than what should be seen as a person. So as much as we may know this or that reason is why Misty does what she does, the lack of desire to see the person hurting, and rather focus on their reaction, is taking away from Misty’s actions having any means of making her be more complicated as a character.

The Ghost of Jackie

Jackie haunting Shauna

Plain and simple, Jackie is annoying. She has become a character whose main purpose is to make Shauna feel guilty and nothing else. And that’s whether we’re talking about her appearances in the present-day or in the past.

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A deer with bloody antlers
Yellowjackets: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Saints” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Plateau
Yellowjackets has become a give-and-take kind of show. Yes, it'll give you more Charlotte and boost her character, but it will further take away from Misty's allure and begin Taissa's descent, as you enjoy Shauna's awkward brunch and Natalie getting normalcy.
Natalie's Past And Present Relationships
The Attempted Abortion Scene Was Intense
The Awkward Birthday Brunch
The Ghost of Jackie
Misty's Crazy

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