As more evidence is presented to narrow down who killed the lady of the house, Aya and Tsugaru are threatened based on even the hint of accusations.

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General Information

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Release Date (Crunchyroll) July 19, 2023
Director(s) Ken Sanuma
Writer(s) Noboru Takagi
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Aya Kurosawa Tomoyo
Tsugaru Yashiro Taku
Raoul To Be Determined
Claude To Be Determined
Charlotte To Be Determined
Giselle To Be Determined
Alfred To Be Determined
Jean To Be Determined

Plot Recap

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An Awkward Meal – Aya, Tsugaru, Raoul, Claude, Charlotte, Giselle, Alfred, Jean

To begin, Aya’s last two points about her observations aren’t gone into. However, with everyone sitting for dinner, she does check on everyone’s alibi, which does ruffle feathers. Claude, in particular, isn’t fond of the accusation and threatens Tsugaru after dinner. As for everyone else? Charlotte is so upset she ends up running away, Alfred and Giselle are especially uncomfortable, and Raoul? He takes as much offense as Jean, but he is particularly disturbed by Tsugaru’s sensory talents that are too akin to a vampire for his taste.

An Assassination Attempt Leads To A Possible Answer – Jean, Tsugaru, Aya

Seemingly to set him up, Aya and Tsugaru have Jean retrace his steps outside from when he was hunting with his son, and there is an assassination attempt. It fails, as the arrow lacks silver, and even piercing a vampire’s neck won’t kill them. But, with Jean believing in retaliation and never starting a fight, he is ready to kill the assailant and asks Tsugaru and Aya to be his witnesses so he can claim self-defense.

However, Aya refuses to do so and instead focuses on asking the young man questions, which points to his mentor, who he was trying to avenge, noting he had an ally which would allow him to kill Jean. It isn’t said who the ally is, for the boy doesn’t know, but with Aya firm on believing someone in Jean’s household killed Madame Hannah and all of Jean’s children appearing not to be the killer, based on logic, it seems Aya may have narrowed down or even knows who the killer is.



It Appearing To End Just As It Gets Dull

Tsugaru (Yashiro Taku) reacting to the dinner conversation he is part of
“Tsugaru (Yashiro Taku) reacting to the dinner conversation he is part of,” Undead Murder Farce, “The Immortal and the Oni,” directed by Ken Sanuma, 2023, (Crunchyroll)

While we like the vampire lore, a nod to Sherlock Holmes existing, and the little bit of violence, the investigation isn’t moving anywhere fast. It’s a lot of exposition, no real push to uncover a motive, and honestly, those involved, that is, Jean, Claude, and Raoul are only interesting due to being vampires. Remove that from the equation, and they have no hook. So Aya, seemingly, having an answer to who did what presents the idea that “Undead Murder Farce” hopefully can balance between giving mysteries time to be expanded but not become bloated or nonsensical.

The Banter Is Still Good

What helps this episode as the murder investigation loses its luster is Aya and Tsugaru still have good banter. Them, as a duo, seemingly will be the lifeline for weaker cases and keep things engaging.

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Answers to some questions you may have regarding this episode:

Why Is The Episode Called “The Immortal and the Oni?”

That is the nickname for Aya and Tsugaru.

Aya (Kurosawa Tomoyo) and Tsugaru (Yashiro Taku) seemingly ready to reveal who murdered Jean's wife
Undead Murder Farce: Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Immortal and the Oni” – Recap and Review
It isn’t clear if three episodes are how the show may handle its mysteries, but based off what we’ve seen in this feature, if that becomes the formula, we could be in for a fun ride.
It Appearing To End Just As It Gets Dull
The Banter Is Still Good
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It Appearing To End Just As It Gets Dull
The Banter Is Still Good

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