Undead Murder Farce: Season 1/ Episode 1 – Recap and Review (Premiere)

Aya Rindo (Tomoyo Kurosawa)

A story-driven, rewriting of history in which supernatural beings existed before 1900, and between a half-demon and an immortal girl, both seek revenge on a European who did them great harm.

General Information

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Episode Title Oni Slayer
Release Date (Crunchyroll) July 6, 2023
Director(s) To Be Determined
Writer(s) To Be Determined
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Tsugaru Shinuchi Taku Yashiro
Aya Rindo Tomoyo Kurosawa
Shizuku Hasei Makoto Koichi

Plot Recap

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Just Waiting On My Day To Die – Tsugaru

Tsugaru is what is called an “Oni Slayer” since he kills different types of supernatural beings. Why? Well, because it is 1897, and in this world, supernatural beings exist and have been mostly eradicated in what was called “The Great Purge” for the sake of Westernization, which makes demon fights the height of entertainment – mainly for the poor. Now, as for why Tsugaru does this, despite it not being a lucrative job? He wants to die.

Mind you, not at the hands of a demon, but rather, with him being half-oni and on the verge of being taken over, he wants those from his employer to the audience to be there when he turns and be the first to die.

Life In This Era – Tsugaru

Tsugaru Shinuchi (Taku Yashiro)
“Tsugaru Shinuchi (Taku Yashiro),” Undead Murder Farce, “Oni Slayer,” 2023, (Crunchyroll)

But what is life like for Tsugaru outside of the ring? Dull. He doesn’t appear to have friends or any potential relationships, and the people see him as a low-life who can kill monsters. Which, since he doesn’t do that outside the ring, makes him useless to most of them. So, Tsugaru just bides his time, drinks his beer, and awaits when he can wipe out most of the people who have gotten on his nerves for who knows how long.

A Young Girl With An Old And Familiar Proposal – Tsugaru, Aya, Shizuku

But then arrives Aya and Shizuku. These two, an immortal and her maid, present a proposal to Tusgaru. Originally, it was just Aya offering a way for Tsugaru to live longer by enhancing his mortal side’s power to fend off his oni side’s takeover. However, as Aya talks about her body being snatched by a European, and the man described matching the description of the person who potentially made Tsugaru half oni, the deal is reconstructed.

Now, Tsugaru plans to help Aya get her body back, maybe get revenge for her and himself, and in return, Aya will still give Tsugaru the means to extend his life through bodily fluids – like her saliva. Why this? Well, because it seems consuming any part of an immortal extends your life.



Decent Fight Scenes

Shizuku Hasei (Makoto Koichi)
“Shizuku Hasei (Makoto Koichi),” Undead Murder Farce, “Oni Slayer,” 2023, (Crunchyroll)

While none of Tsugaru’s fight scenes are stylized to the point of being in utter awe, they aren’t too shabby. Note, he hasn’t faced anyone formidable yet, though Aya makes Shizuku sound dangerous, but as things ramp up, and we see bigger monstrosities than Tsugaru’s now former employer could buy, things could get interesting.

The Build Up Of the Villain

Despite not naming Aya and Tsugaru’s villain, between him making someone half-oni and stealing an immortal’s body, alongside having a collection of brutes, the man with a cane raises intrigue. Add in he seems to be an international collector, considering he traveled all the way to Japan to maim and rob Aya, this could make quite the investigations to hunt him down and build him up further.

Never mind, we don’t know his end goals which means a potential final boss reveal of Final Fantasy proportions – if not Resident Evil.

Quality Chemistry Which Could Carry The Series

The chemistry between Tsugaru and Aya is interesting. Mind you, she has the body of a 14-year-old, but the mind of someone over 900, so things are sort of weird, but it isn’t clear if the kiss to keep Tsugaru alive and young may lead to anything romantic. All we know for sure is Tsugaru offers good banter, and with the promise of a long adventure to Europe and probably more conversation than action, the chemistry here should carry the show.


For More, Check Out The Character Guide (Coming Soon)

If Aya Is Immortal, Why Can’t She Regenerate?

If a human harms an immortal, they can regenerate. However, those with Oni blood have the power to impede the supernatural abilities of immortals, and others, thus causing Aya to be unable to regenerate the rest of her body.

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