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Tokyo Ghoul (√A): Season 2/ Episode 1 "New Surge" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As Tokyo Ghoul√A begins, from where the last season left off, you are left to wonder how will we get to the inevitable ending.

Topic 1: The Battles Rage On – Amon, Touka, and Tsukiyama

Topic 2: The Rescue Mission/ Retreat! – Kaneki

Topic 3: A Short Goodbye – Kaneki

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: The Battles Rage On – Amon, Touka, and Tsukiyama

On the roof Amon and Shinohara continue to fight the Owl, and use this new defense weapon known as aratas in order to fight and defend themselves. However, this weapon is still in the prototype stages and while it allows humans to really go one on one with ghouls, the cost is the arata begins to try to devour its user.

As for Touka, Ayato is utterly destroying her in battle, and seemingly tries to eat her kagone for he thinks she is unworthy of it. Especially since, after defeat, she calls for their father’s name which ticks him off. Luckily though, before a death strike, she gets saved.

Leaving the fight between Noro and Tsukiyama, Uta, and Yomo. Of which nothing of interest happens, besides us seeing Noro’s healing abilities are so strong that losing his upper half means nothing.


Being that Touka’s fight, as well as the one against Noro, was either one sided in terms of aggression, I must admit with each time we saw Kaneki I was hoping, and expecting, him to liven the situation up. However, for whatever qualms I had, the Owl battle made up for them. For while I’m in the process of remembering who is who, and the unique names for things, I was quite entertained by the battle. For with the introduction of the Arata prototype comes a new toy for the CCG/ Doves to use in their genocide. Which, from what it seems, makes them possible equals with ghouls – with the exception of healing powers.

Topic 2: The Rescue Mission/ Retreat! – Kaneki

When Kaneki stops wandering around, allowing us to fully take in his transformation, he goes to save Touka and have a little sparring contest with her brother. Someone he talks very cocky too, but seems to understand. But before any real down and dirty fighting can begin, Noro ends the battle by snatching Ayato away.

The reason? Well it is because the mall was a trap and enough Doves have entered the building. So Kaneki makes sure Touka is taken to safety, with Nishio en tow, and The Owl saves the lives of his combatants so they can also escape. As for the CCG/ Doves, in the end half of the folks who went in died. Though odd little Juzo remains alive, with seemingly the body of Jason to bring back home.


Again, being that it has been 3 months since the end of the first season, I was still recovering. But rather than recovering names and terms, with the destruction of the mall I was trying to recover enthusiasm. For while I remember liking Tokyo Ghoul, at the same time, as the building fell and we watched people retreat/ get rescued, I found myself asking: why? Something which hopefully wears off soon.

Topic 3: A Short Goodbye – Kaneki

After all those who remain with the living are safe, we find ourselves watching Kaneki go to visit the dead, and one of the Aogiri members, the odd little girl with a face bandage mask, popping up around him. Something which leads you to believe another fight may happen, but what ends up being the result of Kaneki’s visits is him deciding to join Aogiri. For reasons left unexplained.


Perhaps part of me being ho-hum about this series is I know how it ends for Kaneki, making perhaps the only interesting thing here being how does his life end? Though, I must admit, I’m quite curious behind his reasoning to join Aogiri. For, as of now, I’m of the opinion it is to be a double agent and to keep Yoshimara informed on what is going on. But, at the same time, considering all the torture Kaneki went through, he very well may have snapped in more ways than one. Perhaps making it so that while he cares for those of Anteiku, he’d rather be on the frontlines of the war than attempt to be incognito with them.

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