In a Shuta focused episode, we watch as he searches for purpose and Carneades, as Koki and Ran ignore his calls.

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In a Shuta focused episode, we watch as he searches for purpose and Carneades, as Koki and Ran ignore his calls.

Aired 2/23/2022
Network Crunchyroll
Directed By Hidetoshi Takahashi, Ōri Yasukawa
Written By Vio Shimokura


Ran’s Focus – Ran, Kinako

With his organization branded a terrorist one, Kinako, who has no strong association known of, is forced to separate from DoRed and stick to the bathhouse. Meanwhile, Ran is on the run with his crew, protesting the Kanae system and advocating for it to not be put in place permanently as part of the preventative arrest bill, which mainly affects Shantytown.

Koki’s Focus – Koki, Tsuzuragawa

Since August, Koki has been transitioning to working as the head of the Accident and Disaster Prevention Department and making Kanae ready for Tokyo’s incorporation. Chief Tsuzuragawa has been helping, but with there still being 10% false positives, it isn’t necessarily ready for a full-fledged rollout just yet.

Chest – Mari, Shuta, Tsuzuragawa, 0th, Asumi, Kanae, Kinako

With Ran on the run and Koki focusing on perfecting the Kanae system, Shuta finds himself focused on his family’s bakery and trying to perfect their signature item, the Golden Sunrise. Why? Well, with his dad in Paris, it’s his job.

But, whether working in the shopping district or handing out food in Shantytown, his focus keeps heading to finding Carneades and getting answers about why Asumi keeps popping up. This leads to memories of how Asumi and Kanae got his family into donating bread to members of Shantytown and how Asumi inspired him to play a hero.

However, in the search for Carneades, Shuta also finds himself trying to understand his father’s advice on how to bake the signature dish. He mentions one word, “Chest.” With that, Shuta is looking at the chest of every woman and girl he encounters, to the point of being accused of being a pervert.

0th revealing he is Carneades

Thankfully, he eventually realizes by “Chest,” his father meant pectorals needed to knead the bread, and with that, he makes the bread as his dad does. Also, with perfecting the bread, a Shantytown kid helps him with his investigation into Carneades and him covering Ran’s work and leads him to 0th – who is revealed to be Carneades.

Things To Note

  • Unexpected Content Advisory: Sexual Content (Just breast ecchi)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What led to Shantytown being so underdeveloped and essentially abandoned? Especially considering it seemingly was a bustling area at one time?

What Could Happen Next

  1. It’s been a while since RGB were forced to work together, so assuming Tsuzuragawa didn’t trigger Asumi calling upon the boys, we’re overdue.

Collected Quote(s)

It’s fine to be tied up in the past, but the process of becoming an adult is to get rid of possibilities.
— Chikuwa


On The Fence

A Dry Episode

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate Shuta and him not knowing what to do with his life long term. However, the disconnect between him, Koki, and Ran split the focus in such a way that makes Shuta feel dull in comparison. I would even say the cleavage focus was to compensate for Shuta’s meandering storyline and to help distract you from what often felt like filler. Which honestly left me wishing that episode previews were available so that we’d have a reason to get excited for what’s next. Since 0th being Carneades isn’t exactly the boost I was hoping for.

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RGB looking at a sunset
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Shuta shows himself as a character who can't be the main focus of an episode, especially without the powers Asumi's phone calls give him. For with his slice of life issues, it makes Tokyo 24th Ward feel longer than it is and not as satisfying as you'd want.
A Dry Episode

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