Todrick: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Who Let the Freaks Out" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Like many YouTube stars, Todrick Hall does appreciate what the platform has done for him, but the opportunities to go from online to either the small screen or big screen are far too enticing. So comes Todrick. What seemingly will be a mix of “Making of the Video” alongside us getting to know Todrick better.

Characters & Story

As they saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child but, when it comes to the arts and entertainment, it takes a family. Granted, said family only occasionally has members who share blood or are actual relatives, but with the demands placed, and the time spent together, sometimes co-workers end up seeing you more than your kin.

Now, when it comes to Todrick’s family, it seems the main players are Nicole, his makeup artist; Chester, the robin to his batman; and a music producer named Jeeve, who helps Todrick setup all these songs which have made him the spectacle he is. Said combination, among others, we see in the premiere episode work on a birthday video for Nicole, as well as create a song called “Who Let The Freaks Out.” Thus possibly setting up the format for the show which will be a music video idea, getting to know Todrick, and then seeing all it takes for him to go from an idea to a possible viral sensation, in a matter of days.


Being someone familiar with Todrick’s work, starting with “Cinderonce,” I must admit the idea of Todrick getting a significant budget, and being able to expand his capabilities, was quite exciting. After all, considering what he has done, without a major record label, or perhaps any big time financiers, makes the idea of MTV backing him make it seem he may have no bounds.


However, the perception the premiere episodes gives is that, ultimately, this might just be his YouTube series “Toddy’s World” with a bigger budget. In fact, for the most part, the premiere seems like a new season of “Toddy’s World” just now it is on MTV. Making it where whatever budget and money Todrick is now getting by being on a bigger platform, honestly one can only assume it might be going toward paying his staff more and maybe upping his video budgets a little bit.

Leading to the topic of the video he showed which is “Who Let The Freaks Out.” Now, I won’t pretend that every last video Todrick puts out I am just in love with, but there have been very few exceptions in regards to ones I just couldn’t get into. “Who Let The Freaks Out” is one of those exceptions. If only because it doesn’t make you think that Todrick is now on something which is next level, and surely it doesn’t make me feel, as some sort of fan, I can point to this show, or that video, and help justify a friend taking an interest into the madness which is Todrick Hall.

Overall: Stick Around

Though it was a bit of a lackluster premiere, considering the next episode preview has Todrick heading to Texas, and that perhaps “Who Let The Freaks Out” should just be considered one of his less catchy tunes, rather than a flop, there is reason to stick around. After all, it isn’t like there isn’t evidence that Todrick, and his team, aren’t talented and entertaining, it’s just that maybe, like many a YouTube star, there needs to be a transition period. For who knows? Todrick could very well want a slow build to something big, might just be trying to adjust to having a real budget to do things or, maybe, with there being more people’s hands in the kitchen, he might be facing producers, among others, trying to bring their influence which could be messing with his mojo.

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