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Episode 2 focuses on world-building and fleshes out the family the now named Lugh is born into.

Aired 10/13/2021
Network VRV
Directed By Masafumi Tamura, Yoshifumi Sueda
Written By Katsuhiko Takayama

Newly Noted


Lugh (Makoto Koichi)

Lugh is the Assassin reborn.

Dia (Reina Ueda)

Dia is going to be the person who teaches Lugh magic.

Cian (Toshiyuki Morikawa)

Cian is Lugh’s father, who is a noteworthy assassin and medical doctor.

Esri (Chiaki Takahashi)

Esri is Lugh’s mom and Cian’s wife, who is bubbly and saddened by Lugh’s maturity and independence, for it means she often doesn’t get to be his mom.

Goddess (Yukari Tamura)

Goddess (Yukari Tamura) taking note of the Assassin's decisions
Goddess (Yukari Tamura)

The goddess is an eccentric being who wants the Hero of the world Lugh is sent to killed after the Hero defeats the demon lord.

Groups & Organizations

  • House of Tuathe Dé: The legendary assassin family, also known for their medical expertise, that comprises of Cian, Esri, and Lugh, though Esri seems to not be involved with the family business – but is aware of it.
  • House Viekones: Dia’s family

Locations & Items

  • Alvan Kingdom: The kingdom the show takes place
  • Swiogel: Dia notes she is one of the top 5 mages in Swiogel, so we assume that is the name of the world or continent.


The RPG Elements – Goddess, Assassin

With an agreement in place that the Assassin will kill the Hero before he turns 18, but after he turns 16, the age the Hero should defeat the demon lord, so comes the question of what skills he will pick, at what rank, and what attributes. This is all a hard decision for the Assassin since there are 123,851 different skills, 6 different elemental attributes, and he has to choose between 5 different ranks for his skills. But, he picks unconventional choices that impress the goddess, and then he is allowed to be born.

Welcome To The Family – Esri, Cian, Lugh

One of the reasons the now named Lugh decided to take the Goddess’ assignment was because he wanted to explore the emotions and experiences he didn’t get to have as a trained assassin. He wanted family, potentially love, but mainly happiness. He gets that through his mother, Esri, who would love to wait on him hand and foot, and smother him her bosom, and then there is Cian.

When it comes to Cian, he plays multiple roles. He is a loving father and husband, giving Lugh the example of a relationship between a man and woman and the safety and surety of a father. Also, like Esri, he is encouraging and praises Lugh in ways that lowkey embarrasses him. He is also a doctor that is making sure his son’s growth is on point (in a mid-key creepy way), and he teaches him how to be an assassin.

In many ways, seeing all Cian can be almost makes you wish they would compare and contrast how Lugh’s former life was, just to see his training.

You Thought You Were the Only Child Genius? – Dia, Lugh

Dia Viekone (Reina Ueda) greeting Lugh
Dia Viekone (Reina Ueda)

Over 7 years, Lugh regains many of his former life skills from cooking, hunting, and more, but what he hasn’t gotten to master is magic. For whatever reason, his powers aren’t manifesting, so he is given a tutor, Dia, who is one of the top mages around. This is to Lugh’s surprise since she doesn’t seem all that much older than him.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was the 5th skill he chose?
  2. How many gods are there?
  3. How did Lugh’s older brother, Ruff, die, and at what age?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I think we’ll be stuck with Lugh as a kid and teen for at least one or two more episodes.



So Much Quality Information

We like a show that does world-building, and from the different stats Lugh could have, to establishing his new family’s history, we were drawn in far more than we were in episode 1. Now, whether or not the show will take all this new information and utilize it in a fashion that can keep things interesting? We’ll find out.

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