Though Lugh has proclaimed his love for Dia to his father, he gets the chance to show rather than tell as they go on a date in this episode.

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Though Lugh has proclaimed his love for Dia to his father, he gets the chance to show rather than tell as they go on a date in this episode.

Aired 12/8/2021
Network VRV
Directed By Motomasa Maeda, Masafumi Tamura
Written By Katsuhiko Takayama


System Administrator 3800 – The Goddess

Since bringing Lugh back to life, The Goddess has been a bit of a joke, and her segments featuring us seeing the various failed attempts to defeat the hero have been forgettable – thus, they weren’t mentioned. However, in this episode, things get weird.

How? Well, in a robotic way, she speaks as if she is a robot, or maybe an angel, reporting to a higher power to prevent the world’s destruction. The tone shift is notable and pushes you to take her far more seriously than when she is cosplaying as a DJ, among other professions.

The Goddess seeking a solution to the hero problem

But with that said, when she notes a candidate was selected, was this before Lugh arrived, or is she just summoning another dud?

Can’t Run From Something You’re A Part Of – Lugh, Dia

News has hit that the Viekone are part of a civil war in the Kingdom of Swoigel, specifically the rebel army. What caused the war? An insult that was retaliated to the furthest extent possible, hence Lugh hoping Dia would take refuge in his home, alongside her family.

Unfortunately for Lugh, that isn’t an option. Dia loves her people far too much to abandon them, and we later find out that she also plans to fight for and with them. But, that detail she doesn’t reveal to Lugh. Rather, with not knowing what could come next, she pushes him to go on a date with her, and they rather enjoy the experience.

It includes going to eat, her doing an archery game, and ends with them at a Viekone family hot springs, alone and naked. Now, nothing happens besides some kissing, but the whole interaction leads you to believe that this isn’t about strategy with Lugh when it comes to Dia. He may truly have feelings for her.

Where Do Your Loyalties Lay? – Cian, Lugh

Which is why when Cian tasks Lugh to kill Dia, because she is working against the kingdom, Lugh is shocked, and it isn’t made clear what he will do.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Could there be multiple forms of the Goddess and not just the one we see each episode in some weird, comical display?

What Could Happen Next

  1. While we learn a man named Stanta, aka Kran’s Hound, is likely the hero, imagine if Lugh is actually the hero and he is the one that has to be stopped?
  2. Either Lugh will betray his kingdom or find a way to get Dia out of the war and hide her.



While Robotic, You Do Get The Sense Lugh Has Feelings

What has long been difficult to gauge with Lugh is how much of his life is based on defeating the hero and what decisions are based on his life after that task is done? For with him seeking out Tarte, and maybe Maha too for their mana, even bonding with Dia because she is brilliant with magic, his relationships have long seemed either transactional or for a specific purpose.

However, as much as bonding with Dia is necessary, and the threat of war does complicate his plans, I feel like we finally got a sense he wasn’t being calculated in his actions and what he says. In comparison to how we’ve seen him talk to Tarte, which has sometimes made it seem he is stringing her along. With Dia, it seemed like he didn’t want to impress her to maintain loyalty. Rather, there were feelings there.

Granted, with how they were, for a little bit, at the hot spring, it seemed he wasn’t comfortable acknowledging or having feelings. Yet, as he went with the flow, he had fun, kissed the girl he liked, and seemingly had a good time. Maybe not the good time he gets at the brothels, but overall a good time.

Love Over Duty

Cian saying that Lugh will kill Dia

Thus far, Lugh hasn’t faced a real challenge. Because of his past life and his aptitude, he has faced every challenge and moment with grace and skill. Whether it is his relationships with his parents, the ladies of his life, villagers, or even the noble class, Lugh has yet to face anything which put him on the defense or presented a real challenge.

But now, that isn’t the case. With Cian assigning Lugh to kill Dia, who his father knows he loves and wants to be with, this really pushes you to question whether Lugh’s duty to his family and the kingdom surmounts what he feels for Dia. Because we’re about approaching that mark when Lugh has to kill the hero, and losing Dia means a major loss when it comes to sharpening his magic skills, but losing his father and his family, means a depletion of resources.

So it should be interesting to see what the final decision is.

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Dia and Lugh about to kiss
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Love Over Duty
While Robotic, You Do Get The Sense Lugh Has Feelings

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