The White Lotus: Season 2/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The fun times seem to be over as Ethan fears history repeating itself, Portia realizes the fun times are over with Jack, and Lucia’s pimp gets aggressive with her.

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Portia realizing Jack isn't as attractive as he once was

The fun times seem to be over as Ethan fears history repeating itself, Portia realizes the fun times are over with Jack, and Lucia’s pimp gets aggressive with her.

Aired (HBO) 12/4/2022
Episode Title Abductions
Director(s) Mike White
Writer(s) Mike White
Introduced This Episode
Niccolo Stefano Gianino


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The Fun Times Are Over – Portia, Jack, Valentina, Isabella, Mia, Quentin, Tanya, Niccolo

While Tanya isn’t willing to out Jack and reveal Quentin’s business, she does warn Portia the best she can that she is going down a road that will be quite unhappy. Which perplexes Portia, especially when Tanya bluntly says Portia needs to get her s*** together. However, while spending the day with Jack, she gets it as Jack loses his luster and becomes more of a nuisance than the fun escape she thought he’d be.

And while she spends the day and night with Jack, who slowly reveals his true self to her, she learns there might be more to him and Quentin than what they portray. For with noting both had financial issues that may have been recently solved, red flags raise up. As for Tanya, and what she is doing during Portia’s rude awakening? She is treated to a notable party. One in which Quentin gets Tanya high on coke and has a local drug dealer, Niccolo, from a prominent mafia family, to have sex with her.

Niccolo (Stefano Gianino) flirting with Tanya
“Niccolo (Stefano Gianino) flirting with Tanya,” The White Lotus, “Abductions,” directed by Mike White, 2022, (HBO)

Speaking of sex, Valentina learns Isabella isn’t an option since she is not only dating Rocco but engaged to him. And with learning this on her birthday, it is a bit of a bummer. Luckily, with Mia trying to secure her position at the bar’s piano, she is ready to do what it takes. Thus leading to Valentina having her first experience, sexually, with a woman.

It’s Too Much Trouble To Hope – Bert, Dominic, Lucia, Albie, Alessio

Albie hopes for the best, as Dominic preps for the worst when it comes to Albie continuing to see Lucia. Someone who Albie has become so close to that he invites her to translate on the day Bert may potentially meet his distant relatives. But, alas, the day doesn’t go as planned.

For one, Alessio follows them and Lucia ends up going with him to calm him down, thus leaving Bert and his family without a translator. Combine that with them going to the house where Bert’s family should be, it being confirmed they share a last name, but they reject him? It makes it seem like the trip was a nice vacation, but it won’t be about what they came there for.

What Did You Do? – Ethan, Cameron, Harper

Ethan and Harper have a quickly deteriorating relationship. Lack of trust is rampant, from Harper not trusting Ethan, to Ethan not trusting Harper. For while Cameron vouches for Ethan, regarding not causing any trouble, which becomes necessary after Harper sees Ethan talking to Lucia and Mia about Cameron’s balance, this doesn’t solve all of Ethan and Harper’s issues.

Daphne’s comment about Ethan having options because he is rich triggers Harper. She begins thinking with Ethan having needs and not trying to have sex with her, he is going to seek out someone. But, while it is true the intimacy of their relationship has been nil, it seems Ethan has far more need to worry than Harper.

Harper looking over her shoulder
“Harper looking over her shoulder,” The White Lotus, “Abductions,” directed by Mike White, 2022, (HBO)

Why? As history has shown, Cameron has no issue going after someone Ethan is interested in. So while only viewers saw Cameron grazing Harper’s leg, Ethan’s imagination goes wild. Thus, anytime he thinks they were alone, he imagines them having sex. All of which leaves him a bit of a mess, adding yet another weight to their strained marriage.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Quentin end up broke?
  2. What did Jack do to have to have sex with a man twice his age?
  3. Would Harper really have sex with Cameron?

What Could Happen Next

  1. It being revealed Greg didn’t cheat on Tanya
  2. Ethan bonding with Daphne, perhaps in an attempt to get back at Cameron


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The Constant Need To Question If It Is Genuine Or Manipulation

When it comes to many of those met in Italy, whether it is Jack, Quentin, Mia, or Lucia, it is hard to say who is being genuine or manipulative? Jack seems nice, possibly being used for his youth in exchange for money, but is it an equal exchange, or is one side getting more out of this? Note, Jack isn’t forced to reveal he is topping Quentin and gets to spend an exuberant amount of time with Portia, but does that mean he has some form of freedom? Could Quentin be used, thinking he is undesirable, and Jack, with having sex with him, be taking advantage of a queer man who struggles with insecurities and financially?

It’s hard to say, for in each situation, there is some sign that the person who could be accused of using may like the person they are exploiting. Take Lucia and Albie. While she did finesse 2000 euros out of him, it seems that him being a nice guy is a change of pace for her, and she isn’t sure whether she wants to give up that experience. He is as much a vacation for her as his family being in Italy is a vacation for him.

Then, when it comes to Mia and Valentina, you can see Mia has the upper hand. But let’s not forget that the gig she is so excited about is only for a few more days. After that, Giuseppe comes back, and Mia loses her gig. So, the pendulum can easily switch and all things considered, I think Mia may have some interest in Valentina.

Mia getting ready to give Valentina a top-tier birthday
“Mia getting ready to give Valentina a top-tier birthday,” The White Lotus, “Abductions,” directed by Mike White, 2022, (HBO)

Lest we forget, Mia just got out of a bad relationship and being with a woman, never mind a woman with power who could help her with her career? That’s a nice combination so who knows whether she may go from using what Valentina can offer to falling in love? Especially considering Valentina, like Albie, is willing to make the kind of effort others may not.

Ethan’s Paranoia

While Tanya gets her hands or gains access to a gun in this episode, Ethan’s paranoia could be what leads to someone dying. Whether it is Cameron for thinking he stole his girl or Harper for allowing herself to be used by Cameron, there is a high chance Ethan’s paranoia about what happened leads him to do something drastic.

Tanya Realizing Greg Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Speaking of paranoia, all things in “The White Lotus” are connected. So who is to say that maybe Ethan and Tanya are wrong about the assumption of their parents cheating? To me, they are likely both wrong, but while Ethan may not have it in him to kill, Tanya might be able to do so accidentally and get away with it. For privilege is something Tanya has an abundance of, and her getting away with murder fits the show’s narrative too well.

Bert Being Heartbroken

I think something not factored into this whole trip is how disconnected Bert might feel. His wife is dead, his son doesn’t like spending time with him, and while he has his grandkid, it doesn’t seem they talk all that much. Hence him having conversations with him in his early 20s, you could easily imagine him having in his teens. So, for Bert, finding his mother’s people means having someone to talk to, relate to, feel close to, since he doesn’t really have that with the family he made.

So to be rejected, after coming so far and already feeling a bit distant from his kid and grandkid, it’s devastating. And add in that he is older and finally getting to know his roots could be the gift of a lifetime, and he got rejected on sight? It probably stirs up a lot of feelings. Maybe some which explains him being a womanizer.

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Portia realizing Jack isn't as attractive as he once was
The White Lotus: Season 2/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
As insecurities, both known and unknown, become clear, it makes you feel bad for this season’s cast in ways you may not have expected to in the beginning.
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Bert Being Heartbroken
Tanya Realizing Greg Didn’t Do Anything Wrong
Ethan’s Paranoia
The Constant Need To Question If It Is Genuine Or Manipulation

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