As we’re led to question Clare’s sanity, someone else is dragged into the madness.

Directed By Veena Sud
Written By Veena Sud
Aired (Quibi) Week of 4/13/2020
JJ Avan Jogia

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview (Episodes 4 to 7)

After escaping Carl in an elevator, Clare calls her mother who presents the idea that her imagination has gotten the best of her before with saying “not this again.” Thus leaving you to wonder if, similar to “Unsane,” could a lot of this be in Clare’s head? Could she have been killing people and maybe Carl is some made-up person or someone who caused trauma in Clare’s life?

Well, no. With JJ, the gas station attendant, being hacked and his life infiltrated, it becomes clear Clare is not doing all this. Not to say she isn’t capable, since she does hide her ability to use a gun quite well, but to get into JJ’s apartment and hack his equipment, never mind plant a gun in his glove box? Surely, she can’t be capable of that, right?

JJ (Avan Jogia) talking to Clare.
JJ (Avan Jogia)


It’s Steadily Getting Crazier

By no means is “The Stranger” trying to overwhelm you. It seemingly wants to maintain a steady pace of crazy which is perhaps why we are so hooked onto it. For whether it is the cat and mouse game Carl is playing, leaving you wondering when he will strike, or questioning what may happen next, you get hooked. Then when you add JJ, who claims to be a tech expert, so comes the question if he is in on it or not? Like, maybe, this is a giant candid camera movie? One intricately designed so that they can get the top performance they can from Clare.

On The Fence

Not Being Able To Say How Carl E Is Doing All This

With that said, when you put in the theory JJ is in on this, it does take things down a smidge. Granted, if he isn’t, that leads to you needing to question how is this done and whether the show will break it down or not.

Not Being Able To Say How Carl E Is Doing All This - 73%
It’s Steadily Getting Crazier - 84%


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