Title Card - The Stranger Season 1 Episode 1 to 3 [Series Premiere] (Quibi)

As JJ is drawn into Clare’s madness, we find out about what her mother was referring to when she said: “Not again.”

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As JJ is drawn into Clare’s madness, we find out about what her mother was referring to when she said: “Not again.”

Directed By Veena Sud
Written By Veena Sud
Aired (Quibi) Released

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview

It isn’t clear what is going on to JJ, but what can he say? He found Clare attractive, she was in what appeared to be a dangerous situation, and she doesn’t have anyone else out in Los Angeles? What was a guy supposed to do?

Well, the answer is, not end on jumping off a train, being associated with the murder of a cop, and questioning whether if he is with someone who makes wild claims that can’t be substantiated. Yeah, what Clare’s mom was talking about, it was Clare accusing a high school teacher of stalking her with no evidence of such being found. Now, as for whether he stalked her to the level of Carl E or not, that isn’t made clear. All we can say for sure is Clare has a history, and it gives JJ pause.


The Monkeywrench Clare’s Past Throws In

We can all agree, believing women when they accuse someone of something is something we should do, right? Good. So when it comes to Clare, her having a situation that went to court doesn’t necessarily mean, because there wasn’t a conviction, she lied. The evidence presented might not have been enough for a judge or jury. Also, there could have been biases. We don’t know this teacher and their role in the community. Also, let’s take into consideration we don’t know what their relationship was. Just as Carl E honed in on Clare, and JJ to a certain point as well, there could have been something discomforting there.

But, on the flip side, we don’t know Clare either. Who is to say she wasn’t rejected and got cops involved? JJ noted he has yet to see Carl, so could this all be in Clare’s head? Heck, could she have a mental illness? You know shows, rather than someone just be twisted, they try to add a layer of depth by saying they are struggling with a mental disorder.

Plus, there is also the need to address JJ. He has mentioned a few things ranging about how this isn’t how it is supposed to end and other comments that could lead you to believe this is some crazy level student film. So, keep that in your back pocket.

On The Fence

It’s Starting To Lose Its Luster

Once again, we find ourselves having to critique the Quibi brand. Now, as said before, with this show, or 13 part movie rather, you crave the next part. But, with watching this after it is done, and taking my time, it reminds you why others don’t release in parts like this. For as much as it leads to you coming back each day, and it is a short and quick watch each time, it’s easy to feel frustrated by the constant cliff hangers. Also, it does push you to just want the whole thing at once because it almost feels like it is dragging things out after a while.

But, speaking specifically about Quibi’s “The Stranger,” I feel like we’re at the point where I want to see Carl E harm someone. I get part of the mystery is wondering if he is real, but considering how he and Clare are face to face a few times, it makes you want to see him do something. Not just scare her, but cause the kind of harm JJ can say happened. Because if this ends up being all in Clare’s head, I can’t say that would be a good pay off.

The Monkeywrench Clare’s Past Throws In - 88%
It’s Starting To Lose Its Luster - 73%


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