Why Patrick Katz is after Ingrid and The Stranger, and killed Heidi, is revealed, alongside why Olivia and Martin did what was revealed in episode 5.

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Why Patrick Katz is after Ingrid and The Stranger, and killed Heidi, is revealed, alongside why Olivia and Martin did what was revealed in episode 5.

Directed By Hannah Quinn
Written By Mick Ford
Aired (Netflix) 1/30/2020
Introduced This Episode
Larry Powers Matthew Douglas
Laurie Powers Anna Swan

Episode Recap

Manipulative or Misunderstood?: Olivia, Thomas, Leila, Patrick (Katz)

Olivia reveals she is the one who sent pictures of Ella due to her being jealous of Mike and Ella talking, despite Ella being 14 and not a threat. Yet, thanks to some tears and empathy, Thomas gets Daisy and Mike to back down. But, he swings around back due to being worried Leila might be poisoning Olivia. After all, the whole discarding the medicine and rat poison in someone else’s bin thing throws him off. Add on she doesn’t know what drugs she is taking, Leila training to be a nurse, and Patrick seemingly not around enough to know something is off, so many red flags are raised.

Yet, before Thomas can tell anyone, he finds himself hiding in Patrick’s car, with Patrick maybe knowing he is there, and considering Patrick has a gun in hand, it could mean the end of Thomas.

I Thought You’d Understand: Martin, Adam

Martin after he gets arrested.

Why did Martin kill his wife, Natasha? Because if he couldn’t have her, no one could. He adored her, tried to make her happy, and at one point, she may have liked him. If not, better said, she felt secure due to Martin having a good job and being an excellent provider. Yet, there came a point where that wasn’t enough so she tried to leave and Martin killed her.

Since that point, he, using his knowledge as a cop, buried her in the walls, took advantage of the sympathy he got, the records saying she was going to leave, and people hearing her say it, to all cover up the truth. He even raised his son, full-time, while the boy’s mother rotted in the walls.

Martin thought Adam would understand since he was left too. Yet, all Adam saw was something foreign, and all he felt was used to stall the inevitable. If not to help cover up a murder.

The Search Continues: Adam, Johanna, Edgar

With Johanna, Adam ventures to the airport where Johanna’s car is found with an earring in the backseat, but no other signs of life. And alongside this discovery comes Johanna’s passport at home and no mention of footprints or anything. Leaving a person to wonder who left that care there?

But, to show Adam is coming to terms with Corinne may be gone forever, he mentions to Edgar, as he explodes over his demolition project stalling, Corinne has been gone for 6 days at this point.

The String Operation/ Leave No Trace: Johanna, Kimberly, Wesley, Patrick, Larry, Laurie

So, why is Patrick so into the investigation against Ingrid and The Stranger? Well, due to his employer, Mr. Larry Powers, bankrolling him. For with Mr. Powers being a powerful man whose “Ethical Investing” company plans to use and gain money from religious organizations, Katz is due to make more than enough to take care of his daughter. However, Larry’s issue is, with his wife Laurie being pregnant, a lot of his sexual needs aren’t being met. So, when it comes to girls like Kimberly, who he has seen at least 34 times, she is a huge liability.

Thus explaining why Patrick went as far to kill Heidi and why he is after Ingrid and The Stranger. To pay for his daughter’s medical bills, he needs Larry to succeed. But with Larry being an idiot, he nearly gets caught by Johanna. And with knowing Larry is an idiot, Patrick plants a seed in Wesley’s head to not only point things back towards Adam but try to push Johanna off this case since it is far too personal. Which ends up working.

Review/ Commentary


Olivia’s Storyline Picking Up

While by no means one of the top storylines now, and her crocodile tears over what she did to Olivia created 0 sympathy, I must admit I’m curious as to what’s Olivia’s story. Is her mom poisoning her, is her dad aware, and how long has this been going on? Also, there is, as with so many things on “The Stranger,” the question of why? Is this family structure supposed to be similar to so many on this show where it seems children are what holds a family together, or keeps spouses from drifting apart – until that knot unravels? Perhaps explaining why Leila continually poisons her own child vs. Munchausen syndrome by proxy (aka factitious disorder imposed on another).

Ryan and Ella

Ryan is a character who simply exists, at this point, but I must admit there is something cute about him and Ella hanging out. Granted, nothing is said or revealed here to push the idea they are more than friends or will be developed in the slightest bit, but considering all we’ve heard Ella go through, and the handful of times we’ve seen her cry, a moment of joy is a nice reprieve.

Johanna Seeing Through Patrick’s Tricks

Johanna isn’t on a rampage, but her focus and vision is so clear that it is making his attempts at misdirection into failures. Leading you to believe it is only a matter of time until she learns everything there is to know about Heidi’s murder and all that caused it. Which leaves the question, when she confronts Patrick, what will his reaction be, and will that be the moment Wesley steps up and reminds us he isn’t just her little sidekick?

On The Fence

Larry Powers

A rich buffon who can’t keep it in his pants who has a very pregnant wife. In many ways, it is characters like Larry who push the idea this show may use “The Stranger” as a hook, but it is really about the disintegration of families. For at this point, is Ingrid and “The Stranger” even that interesting anymore? Do their attempts to blow up people’s lives and the secrets reveal mean much, if anything?

I mean, if it wasn’t for Patrick’s involvement, like the parent whose kid was taking steroids, there would be no need to mention Larry for he is a forgettable character. Yet, he seems like a desperate man and what is more interesting on a show like this than someone desperate?

What Are Thomas and Daisy To One Another?

Positive depictions of romance is not this show’s thing, yet considering them being in their last year of school and how close they seemed, it appeared Thomas and Daisy were a thing. However, between the missing time Daisy spent with Dante and who knows what else, apparently looks are deceiving. Yet, the question remains, were they ever a thing, a possible thing even, or were they just two people who saw something convenient so they decided to be each other’s first in most things, but not the big thing?

Is Patrick About To Kill Thomas?

Patrick is losing it, and this show could use a new shock. So while killing Thomas won’t bring back the allure this show used to have, it would be a good shock for episode 7 and make you wonder, during episode 8, would, or could, Patrick kill Johanna? Much less, if he catches Ingrid or The Stranger, could he kill them for the sake of Olivia?

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