Title Card - The Stranger Season 1 Episode 1 to 3 [Series Premiere] (Quibi)

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We’ve reached the end of the road and you may find yourself disappointed.

Directed By Veena Sud
Written By Veena Sud
Aired (Quibi) Released

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview

So, what happened between Clare and Mr. Leonard? Well, it seems they would have sex – if you believe Carl. Now, why did it begin and what led to him becoming a stalker? That isn’t gone into. All we know is that Clare recanted her statements against him and that is what led to her losing the case.

As for how Cole got involved and learned all these things? Well, the internet. Clare added him, who knows how long ago, to one social media profile and this led to him learning everything he could and thinking he could prove an algorithm using her, as he did his previous victims. One which could help him determine the losers and winners in life, and when it comes to Clare, he has her pegged as a loser.

However, the only thing she ends up losing is JJ, who is shot to death thanks to the stupidity of the cops who didn’t notice Carl walk right in and set up a trap. But, in the end, using a tracker in Pebbles, Clare gains the upper hand and without harming a hair on Carl’s head, directly, he loses the game. Leaving us to assume he will be attacked, may be eaten, by a coyote pack.

On The Fence

How It Ends

I guess the idea here is that Carl didn’t accomplish his goal, and didn’t break Clare, right? That’s cool. But with this whole situation with Mr. Leonard, setting up JJ to be murdered in a police station, and for Carl’s end to be a pack of coyote in an area you don’t necessarily expect them to be? Much less his undoing being Pebbles? COME ON!

You’re telling me the guy who used Pebbles to track Clare everywhere she went would not only take the dog, as Clare was about to kill herself – thus fulfilling his prophecy, but forget about the tracking chip? I get this is supposed to be about how his ego did him in and blah, blah, blah, but it’s mistakes like that which make ruin good villains and the shows they are in, in extension.

How It Ends - 72%


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