It is time for Maladie’s execution, and Penance ends up drawing a line in the sand, which separates those who wish to save Maladie from others who have other plans.

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It is time for Maladie’s execution, and Penance ends up drawing a line in the sand, which separates those who wish to save Maladie from others who have other plans.

Episode Name Hanged
Directed By Joss Whedon
Written By Melissa Iqbal
Aired (HBO) 5/9/2021

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A Split Decision – Amalia, Penance, Dr. Hague, Lavinia

Though Amalia and Penance usually use their combined forces to get things done, that isn’t the case this time around, as Amalia wishes to drill a hole into the Earth and look for the Galanthi. Now, what the heck is that? Well, it is that orb that Lavinia and Dr. Hague are holding hostage and studying. A thing that is starting to glow like it is having contractions and even crack. Which, while not known by Amalia, does make finding it and rescuing it all the more imperative.

However, the trouble begins in that Penance, while she has no issue making the machinery Amalia needs, decides she’d rather rescue Maladie than help with the search for the Galanthi. This, as you can imagine, doesn’t sit well with Amalia, and what doesn’t help is Penance drawing a line in the sand and forcing people to take sides. Which, to Amalia’s surprise, quite a few do take Penance’s side since the barbaric nature of Maladie’s hanging doesn’t sit well with them.

Time To Hang Out – Maladie, Penance, Nimble Jack, Harriet, Desiree, Lord Massen

Nimble Jack teasing
Nimble Jack teasing

So, we learn Lord Massen was involved in Mary’s death to prevent her power from leading to larger gatherings of The Touched. Now, mind you, he wasn’t directly involved in paying anyone, but he was part of the planning and likely gave the approval necessary for it to happen. This is why, following her murder, Maladie’s is important for all he wants is to maintain order.

The problem with that is that what he considers order is chaos for everyone else, hence Harriet deciding to stand with Penance for she doesn’t see justice but rather Maladie’s public hanging as dehumanizing the Touched. Especially since public hangings were outlawed 30 years ago. Also, add in troubles with her boyfriend, and she is really stirred up. As for why Desiree joined? Well, considering all adults had to take sides, and Amalia is known for chaos and violence, Penance seemed like a safer bet probably.

Either way, they show up with a plan that will involve getting Maladie out of there, using Nimble Jack’s discs, another member of the Orphanage’s strength, and mechanisms Penance made to usher her out. Mind you, not to the Orphanage, no one believes that to be a good idea, but maybe she’ll get the Lucy package to leave London and never return?

So, Not All Went To Plan – Frank, Maladie, Harriet, Desiree, Amalia, Penance

Despite all of Penance’s planning, Maladie ends up making sure she gets hanged, even when she had the opportunity to escape. Though, to really make a spectacle of it, one of her minions have it where the metal barrier between the galley and her is electrified, thus killing around a dozen people with her.

This leads to an eruption of chaos that nearly gets Harriet trampled, and Penance is luckily forewarned before things get bad. But, while the shock of the hanging is one thing, it doesn’t match the reveal that it was Maladie’s minion who got hanged while she masqueraded as a reporter the whole time.

Maladie after fooling everyone into thinking she was killed
Maladie after fooling everyone into thinking she was killed

To explain it further, it was Maladie who visited Frank and hanged out the window, but after she turns a corner, the minion who was always trying to win her favor and even cut off her toes, she swapped with Maladie. Thus, Maladie got away, and her minion took the fall and got what she always wanted – to be Maladie. Thus, Maladie got to fake her death and now has some form of freedom. At least until Frank reveals she isn’t dead.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, beyond the minion who took the fall for Maladie, does anyone else in her group know she is alive?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

We must keep control, not seem to be grasping for it.
— Lord Massen

Commentary/ Review


Showing Penance Will Operate Without Amalia

Penance after the things go to hell
Penance after the things go to hell

While Penance and Amalia can be seen as yin and yang, due to Penance being kinder, more so trying to use her wits than fists, and being more naïve, she comes off more often than not a sidekick. But in this episode, she asserted herself and reminded us that as demure as Penance can be, she isn’t a child. Even with the threat of violence presence, she can stand for something and even live up to her name.

This, admittedly, does present her to almost come off like the Professor X to Amalia’s Magneto but, setting X-Men comparisons aside, it does push you to wonder if Penance stepping up may lead to people believing Amalia should step down?

On The Fence

Horatio and Amalia’s Relationship

A part of me wants to get into Horatio and Amalia being something, but I think it is more so because of their sexual chemistry than romantic chemistry. For once we’re reminded he is married, so comes the annoyance of a Black man cheating on his Black wife with a white woman and all the issues that would exist in the early 1900s if The Nevers wasn’t in its cocoon.

So, What Happened With Amalia’s Plan?

Based on previews for the next episode, it seems we may see Amalia’s plan in action then, but I must admit, I was confused to see her people injured and dirty with us not witnessing a thing that happened. But, again, this apparently was Penance’s episode to shine, so I guess putting Amalia on the backburner was only appropriate.

This Registration Thing Seems Like It Should Be A Bigger Deal

Touched having to register with police seems like a development that should have been a big deal, right? After all, it should be a controversial thing amongst Amalia, Penance, and even Lavinia. But that is the sort of weird thing when it comes to shows and franchises which touch upon civil rights and can seem inspired by various oppressive forces in history. In some ways, you appreciate the nod, yet at the same time, when the production doesn’t show the full effect and put on display how serious the implementation of two-tiered citizenship is, it doesn’t do what it is inspired by justice. Making it seem almost like the show should have avoided even coming close to real-world events.

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This Registration Thing Seems Like It Should Be A Bigger Deal - 73%
So, What Happened With Amalia’s Plan? - 72%
Showing Penance Will Operate Without Amalia - 84%
Horatio and Amalia’s Relationship - 74%


The Nevers still appears to be carving out its own lane, beyond having women hold the majority of notable roles in the program. However, even with a notable twist, there comes the question if this program will ultimately stand out amongst the many supernatural programs or, at best, gain cult status and become something that never got to live up to its potential.

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