This is a running recap of major arcs throughout BET Plus’ The Ms. Pat Show, featuring storylines for the show and its characters and topics unresolved.

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This is a running recap of major arcs throughout BET Plus’ The Ms. Pat Show, featuring storylines for the show and its characters and topics unresolved.

Please Note: This content contains pertinent spoilers, new information is added as presented, images changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, guest star, or reoccurring role.

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Season Arcs & Plot

Season 1

Air Dates 8/12/2021
Episode Count 10

The Search For Purpose

As Ms. Pat’s career starts to flourish, Terry does wonder where he fits into everything. Especially once he loses his job since he has supported them through raising their kids, Ashley going to college, and moving to Plainfield, Indiana. So when he gets furloughed, he freaks out a bit, and this causes a downward spiral. One he bounces back from, due to therapy and getting a new work assignment, but things were looking bad for a minute.

A Black Kid With Non-Black Friends

When things began, Junebug was popular since he was this Black guy from Atlanta lying about who he knew and who he was. On the other hand, Janelle didn’t get that kind of welcome, and because she is far more socially aware than Junebug, she struggled a bit. At least until she met Jesse, who became her best friend.

But, while Janelle settled in and had a good friend, Junebug’s would test the limits by using culturally sensitive words and sometimes just making a fool out of Junebug. However, Junebug stuck with who he knew and what he knew rather than try to make new friends.

Learning How To Be Politically Correct

Ms. Pat and her sister Denise aren’t used to having a filter. In the hood, especially when they grew up, being non-binary wasn’t a thing, and the words for the LGBT+ community were not made to be nice or appealing. So as Janelle brings Jesse around more and Ashley comes out, Ms. Pat and Denise adjust their lexicon in order to not make either uncomfortable.

From PITA To Friend

Originally, Elizabeth was the head of the PTA and a huge pain in the ass. However, as she got divorced, handled her insecurities, chilled the f*** out, and saw beyond what made her different from Ms. Pat and Denise, she became a friend to them both.

The Search For Stability

Denise may no longer have a drug habit, but she brought from Atlanta other bad habits. The biggest one is her often quitting her job without having another one lined up. Which, as Terry feels pressure from not having a steady gig himself and Denise accidentally getting Janelle high, it leads to Denise getting kicked out of the house.

Questions Left Unanswered & Storylines Left Unresolved

Denise’s Situation

The season ends with us not knowing if Denise may try to live with her new boyfriend Lee, if she will head back to Atlanta, or the options which would send her backwards, in terms of drugs and other illegal activities.

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