As Miriam adjusts to working at the Wolf, Susie is beside herself due to Jackie’s death, and Abe may have committed social suicide amongst his community.

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As Miriam adjusts to working at the Wolf, Susie is beside herself due to Jackie’s death, and Abe may have committed social suicide amongst his community.

Aired 2/25/2022
Network Prime Video
Directed By Daniel Palladino
Written By Amy Sherman-Palladino, Daniel Palladino
Introduced This Episode
Buzz Brandon Uranowitz


You Chose This Place, So Adjust To It – Lenny, Miriam

Lenny visits Miriam at The Wolf and sees that she isn’t necessarily winning over or working the crowd. In fact, she has a whole lot of hecklers and isn’t taking advantage of them. So, using a technique he was taught in school, he tosses things at her to throw her off, and she rises to the challenge. Maybe not to the point of competing with the burlesque dancers as a star attraction, but at least she isn’t seen as an utter annoyance between sets.

I Was His Closest Friend? – Miriam, Susie, Jackie

Jackie had a stroke. Susie’s best friend, before Miriam, is dead, and she is nearly catatonic because of it. However, with going to his funeral and no one showing up but his sister, Miriam, and one other person, Susie is pissed! But rather than taking this anger out on anyone, Susie decides to dedicate herself to recognizing the Jackie’s in life for, unbeknownst to Susie, even Miriam, Jackie may have had a sour demeanor but was overall a nice guy. I’m talking army metals, helping at churches, and more.

A Traitor To Their People – Abe, Rose, Buzz, Asher

Abe and Buzz (Brandon Uranowitz) talking after his musical
Abe and Buzz (Brandon Uranowitz)

Abe working at the Village Voice is prestigious to him. So when it comes to Buzz, a kid who has been working on a musical for years, goes to Abe and Rose’s synagogue and is a familiar face from the Catskills, giving him a bad review was hard. However, his editor pushes him to, and thus Buzz ends up devastated. I’m talking to the point of Abe and Rose becoming pariahs, and that’s not the end of it.

In order to avoid solely focusing on Buzz and his musical, Abe makes things personal and reveals him, and Asher set a federal building on fire. Surprisingly, Abe’s editor doesn’t take that out but allows Abe to confess, and after doing so, Asher calls him up to let him know the FBI wishes to talk to them.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why didn’t Lenny call after the Shy Baldwin thing went down?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Lenny and Miriam getting closer
  2. Hopefully, Joel revealing he is dating Mei sometime soon



An Emotional Susie

It’s not common to see Susie emotional. More often than not, she’ll drink or yell when dealing with feelings, not allow herself to break down and be overwhelmed. Yet, with Jackie dying and the actual actor, you can see this being used not only as a dedication to the character but as a means to channel feelings of loss.

The Return of Lenny Bruce

With Lenny Bruce, one of the only characters who we know for sure is based on someone, rather than being a combination of people or loosely inspired, it makes his presence a pleasure. Plus, watching Miriam both in awe of him and maybe crushing a little bit, it is hard to not giggle and be entertained with her stammering. Especially considering she can usually talk a mile a minute without missing a beat.

The Responsibility of Critics

They Came They Danced Marquee

You really shouldn’t underestimate your impact by putting your opinion out there. A compliment on a blog, website, social media can be seen by a creator and be an encouragement, just the criticism they needed to alter something or be the last straw. Of course, it could also be seen as noise in an echo chamber, but as seen with Buzz, there is something about your own people not seeing your vision, accepting you, and loving your work.

That can make you question who your audience is, who your supporters will be, if the people who look like you, share a culture, and understand your language don’t get it? And you can see Abe saw the responsibility he had, hence why he tried to have his review be ambiguous. Yet, as his editor pushed and Abe held onto, the reason why anyone’s voice is important, whether critic or creative, is because it speaks to someone. It lets them know if something is worth paying for or spending precious time on. Through sharing, creating word of mouth, you help curate and lift productions from the litany of shows and movies released on a regular basis and put a spotlight on one.

It’s a responsibility that we all take advantage of and never realize how powerful we all are.

On The Fence

Lowered Interest In Abe & Rose

Abe working a the Village Voice and Rose playing matchmaker isn’t the worst thing that could be offered, but I wouldn’t say it is the selling point. To me, it’s something to fill in the hour and make the work worth the actors’ while. But as for the overall show, or rather just this season, it is something you could skip and not feel like you’ve missed much.

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The Responsibility of Critics
The Return of Lenny Bruce
An Emotional Susie
Lowered Interest In Abe & Rose

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