The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Season 3) Episode 7: Marvelous Radio | Recap/ Review

Benjamin trying to calm down Rose who is upset over what happened between him and Miriam.

With Shy Baldwin’s tour on pause, we get to experience Miriam hustling for cash and Susie putting her foot up Sophie’s butt – my god what an episode.

With Shy Baldwin’s tour on pause, we get to experience Miriam hustling for cash and Susie putting her foot up Sophie’s butt – my god what an episode.

Directed By Daniel Palladino
Written By Daniel Palladino
Aired (Amazon Prime) 12/6/2019

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Synopsis

Due to exhaustion Shy Baldwin decides to pause his tour, which leads to Miriam having to head back to New York. There she does a lot of infomercials and almost does one for someone right of Nixon. However, she puts her foot down and probably loses a steady check in the process.

She isn’t the only one who loses something though, as Susie grows tired of Sophie, who utterly BOMBS as Miss Julie, Susie lays into her. Mind you, Sophie was doing well at first, but one mistake sends her to “Put that on your plate!” land. Ultimately leading to Sophie blaming Susie, even saying she was set up for Miriam’s benefit when in truth, Susie really did believe in Sophie but she didn’t deliver. Leading to Susie pointing out the difference between Miriam and Sophie is Miriam has guts and lives up to the challenges Susie sets.

Also, Abe writes an article about his friend Asher that ends up in the New York Times, and Astrid’s son gets circumcised. Oh, and we see Benjamin who Rose apologizes to.

Episode Breakdown (Recap)

Reliving The Past, One Last Time: Benjamin, Rose, Abe, Asher, Miriam

Miriam talking to a woman, living in her former apartment, as she deals with a wave of nostalgia.
Miriam: I used to live here, in this apartment.

Being that Rose’s life is in such disarray, she revisits some of her old stomping grounds and encounters someone who reminds her of her matchmaking talent. A gift she has all but forgotten about but with her finding someone new to match with a woman with too many cats, a pig, and more, it reminds her of Benjamin. The one person she tried to match who she failed and for that she apologizes. Also, she gets mad at Miriam for he is rich and was going to buy a townhouse for them.

And just as Rose is mad about how things are in life, so is Miriam. Not because of Benjamin, as seen by her barely saying a word about him. More so, she is sad about losing her old home to the point of visiting it. And with hearing the sounds of someone yelling at their kids, it brings back fond memories. Then with learning the person currently occupying it is leaving – it makes her want to see the kitchen. After all, who knows if the next person will be this accommodating?

Leaving Asher and Abe.  Abe decides to write a piece on his friend, which he doesn’t get consent for, but Abe is stubborn and with Asher repeatedly saying it is a good piece, but he isn’t willing to give his blessing, Abe decides to publish it anyway. Why? Well, with visiting Columbia and realizing how much that place wasn’t him, it also makes him realize he needs to be bold and not ask for permission or rely on some kids to validate him. Thus he sends his work to the New York Times and with them publishing it, he barely even cares his grandson is getting circumcised since he is now a published writer – one with minimal edits to his work.

You Gotta Hustle Even On Your Way Up: Miriam

Susie and Miriam sleeping on boxes of tampons, on the subway.

With Shy feeling exhausted, and putting the tour on pause, Miriam does infomercials from one room to the next, to one building to the next, and is fine with this until given a script for someone running against Nixon, who is politically to the right of Nixon. With that, she decides she isn’t doing that gig and talks crap about the woman, LIVE, and likely loses one stream of revenue. If not multiple streams considering her other stream was next door and Miriam’s voice might not be distinct, but after hearing it over and over, surely the guys she works with will know it was her who went off.

A One Note Gal: Sophie, Susie, Miriam

It’s opening night for “Miss Julie,” and Sophie, at first, was hitting it out of the park. However, with knocking over a table comes her being embarrassed, losing her confidence to the point she whispers her lines, then switching up to the “Put That On Your Plate!” persona.

Making it so, on opening night, Sophie bombed on purpose and ruined any rapport she had. Especially considering she was good up until that table was knocked over. So, considering what she saw, Susie lays into Sophie, and when Sophie tries to fire back, even make it seem Susie set her up, she makes it clear Sophie screwed herself over. Sophie wanted someone to believe in her and that’s what she got, but because she didn’t have the guts to believe in herself, this is where they are. A rich woman stuck playing some character she wouldn’t let touch her hand or into her home.

Meanwhile, Miriam, who has shown her range by playing with Lenny, opening for Shy, and learning how to navigate so many types of people, as herself, can and will become an icon.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

If you’re going to have a voice, you’d better be careful what that voice says.
— Abe

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • It seems Susie’s mom is now dead.



Susie Going Off On Sophie

Susie berating Sophie for being a coward.
Susie: I got you a shot and you chickened out.

What we’ve seen from Susie, particularly this season, is that if you are worth her time and make a return on her investment, she will be loyal to you. Mind you, the return doesn’t even have to be money – though that is preferred. All she wants to know is she isn’t wasting her time. So seeing her go off on Sophie and praise Miriam, it made it hard to know whether to laugh or cry honestly.

On one hand, you got her eviscerating Sophie to the point of you feeling bad for the woman. Also, while doing so, she is giving Miriam the grandest of praise she has ever given. Thus creating a moment where Susie, as much as she is yelling and aggressive, also strangely comes off vulnerable. Truly showing how Bornstein and Susie are so closely in line that she could play this character without a script.

Abe and Rose Finding Something To Do With Their Lives

We’re very hard on Rose and Abe. Primarily since they are supposed to be funny, yet they seldom make us laugh. More so, they are neurotic in ways that I think is supposed to play up them being Jewish and the usual stereotypes about how Jewish people are. All of which I can’t say is true or not since the Jewish people I met were my age so the way Abe, Rose, and even Miriam act, it is foreign to me.

But, in this episode, despite generally not liking how selfish Rose is, I enjoyed watching her realize she had a talent. Granted, the Benjamin thing was a sordid tease, if he is appearing for just this episode, but it was very Rose. It was unnecessary yet comical.

The same goes for Abe. Him returning to Columbia was unnecessary, yet comical. Especially as he ventures towards *fingers crossed* dumping those 1960s hipsters and just going for prestigious publications already in existence. Maybe even making people nostalgic for Asher in the process. Which, for him, while selfish since Asher didn’t want him to publish, might be the closest thing to a selfless act we may ever see Abe do.

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